The Most Affordable Car: The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage


Who doesn’t want an affordable car? “Hey, Car Dealer Man. I would like for you to sell me a car and totally clear out my bank account while you’re at it. I would like a car that is totally out of my league that I will have repossessed in the near future.” Who says that, right?
Your old neighbor, Carl?
Well, let’s forget Carl. Let’s talk about the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage.
So, this is the cute thing. I got it in silver, as you can see. I thought the silver in this subcompact car (which, ahem, gets 44 miles per gallon on the highway) looked really sleek and cute. I think the car itself is cute. Right off the bat, I feel like this car is great for a person who wants to save on gas mileage, doesn’t lug half the world and some kids around on a daily basis and is looking for an affordable car. It’s not that the car doesn’t have space in it, but it’s not a big car by any means. We carry around two baseball bags, stadium chairs, backpacks and buckets of baseballs around every single day. There really isn’t room for all of that in the car.

Don’t get me wrong, though. There is room in this car. I packed all of my groceries into the back of it just fine. It’s just that if I wanted to pack all of my groceries into the back, I wouldn’t be able to also have the buckets of baseballs, bags, backpacks and stadium chairs ALSO in the back of the car. The groceries, though, the groceries were fine. The groceries seemed quite happy, actually. Another nice thing about the back of this car is that when the hatch is closed, a black cover automatically comes down over the “trunk” area of the car. This basically means that if you have several jars of Nutella from the local grocery store, no one will be tempted to break in to get them because they can’t even see the dern things.

Sidenote: Don’t you love how California makes their license plates? 202. There were letters, too, but what you could see easiest was 202. So nice and simple. I wish I could have kept that license plate.

Here’s a side view. Isn’t she precious? Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? She was named the “Most Affordable Car” by It has a 10-year and a 100,000 mile warranty. It has 5 seats and 7 airbags, so it’s getting nice and puffy in there if it is ever in an accident. There are also airbags near your knees! This is meant to stabilize your lower body if you are ever in an accident. Those are some lucky knees. I’ve never heard of an airbag for your knees. The car is roughly $13,805. Pretty good deal, right? Especially if it has knee airbags?

My kids would not be that impressed with the airbags. What they loved was this feature. You can choose how much tilt you want in your screen. Some days I just couldn’t bring myself to back out of the driveway due to my indecisiveness with the tilt. It was very futuristic.

Now, I must admit to you that one day I really couldn’t bring myself to back out of the driveway because I couldn’t figure out where to put in my kids’ Kidz Bop 27 CD. For a solid week, they were straight up in love with that CD. They still want to listen to it, but I had to put the brakes on that. That’ll be enough, Kid-Singing-Like-Iggy-Azalea. Seriously, though, I couldn’t figure out where to put in the dern CD. I thought, “Does this car really come without a CD player? For real?” I was wrong, which has happened only once or twice before. The CD magic happens behind that screen that tilts! Which would be above and to the right of the knee airbags! I was so happy when I finally figured that out.

The car drove well, could zip in and out fast and kept my kids nice and safe in the back. My dad took a ride in it and commented about how much head room and leg room there was on the passenger’s side. My dad is 6’3″, so, if he says it, it’s the truth. My husband liked how we seemed to have more choices for parking spaces. Our normal vehicle is an SUV. And my boys, as you might have guessed, loved the CD option. And the back-up camera. I think that was actually their favorite part.

The car drove so well that I had my 6-year-old drive it. I’m kidding! I’M KIDDING! Goodness! Although he does like to pretend to drive, the main reason he is in the car in this picture above is because I left their Kidz Bop 27 in the CD player on accident. It would only be a few hours after this picture was taken that STI, the sponsors of this post along with Mitsubishi, would be returning for the car. We got thisclose to sending the car back with them with Kidz Bop still tucked in all comfortably into that CD player. Could you think of anything worse happening in one’s life??

Seriously, though, it’s a great car. I am definitely keeping it in mind for our family in the future! How about you? Do you think you would drive a “subcompact” car?


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