The Ugly Contest



“You have to look at one more. You just have to look at this one. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!”

This was me to my husband on just about our entire road trip home last week. That is when the pictures started rolling in for #theuglycontest that is going on over at the Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page. He smiled at the first few, but then was all, “Kelley, I’ve got to drive here” and then “You are going to submit one of those, are you?”

I really, really enjoy contorting my face to the ugliest way possible. I used to make this face behind my husband’s back when we first started dating. He knew what I was doing, but never wanted to see it. He has seen it plenty of times, but it’s almost like he’s scared! I would be, too, if I were him.

I haven’t made one yet for the contest. My “ugly” face is so, so super ugly. I feel like I might make more people cry than laugh. Also, I’ve already showed you all my Fire Marshall Bill lips.

Plus, there are just so, so, so many really awesome pictures over in #theuglycontest album. I could show you some that make me laugh out loud, but then I don’t want to sway you. If you are a fan of laughing out loud, YOU HAVE TO GO LOOK AT THIS ALBUM. I am not kidding. I have had TEARS in my eyes!!! There are 100+ photos in the album, including photos from some bloggers like Let Me Start By Saying, Moms Who Drink And Swear, Baby Sideburns, Insane in the Mom Brain, Caffeinated Chronicles of a Super Mom, Somewhat Sane Mom and others!

I officially stopped accepting photos for the contest last night, but if you really want to see your ugly mug in that mix, please send it to me via a Facebook message on the Kelley’s Break Room Faceboook page. Hey, if you can garner up enough votes and speed ahead of the others in the contest, your ugly mug deserves to win!

The winner will receive a $120 teeth whitening system from Smile Brilliant and will be determined by the picture that received the most votes. The next two winners will receive something toothy from Smile Brilliant, too.

If you feel like spreading the word via Pinterest…



If you are ready to CRACK UP, head over to see the The Ugly Contest pictures! This will take you straight to the post! Hope to see you there!


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