The Hobby Lobby Spin-Off Post (Who’s going into business with me?)


This could, quite possibly, be the dumbest blog post you’ve ever read. I mean, I don’t know what my problem is… It’s like I have this URGE to write this post, even though I know that I may be the only who enjoys it. It’s just terrible this disregard I have sometimes for this Break Room.

But, then I think…

It’s just a blog, right?

It’s just a blog post, right?

I mean, who really cares, right?

So, before I lose anymore sleep over it all, I present to you my Hobby Lobby spin-offs. When I finally accrue a few zillion dollars, I’ll open them all at once. I’ll have them sort of spaced out around town so that people don’t realize right away that I own them all. That would be uncomfortable for me when I go out and about. “Hey, are you the lady that owns allllll of those really awesome stores?” I’d blush and stuff, you know? That might get in the way of my productivity while I’m out running errands.

Spin-Off #1

Spin-Off #2:
Spin-Off #3:
Spin-Off #4:
Spin-Off #5:
What other Hobby Lobby spin-offs should I open??
You’ll get half the profits!


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