3 Rather Odd Things I Saw While Fishing


I am going to tell you a little story using pictures I took with my new tablet, the Intel Venue 7 by Dell. My husband likes to call it my “new phone” because he enjoys seeing me get irritated. It is smaller than his iPad, sure, but it is much bigger than my iPhone. I wrote about it in my last post. I am grateful Intel sent it when they did. I needed all of their space to take pictures!

So, what three odd things did I see while fishing? Well, before I tell you that, I must tell you that I really wasn’t fishing. My husband, two sons, brother-in-law and future sister-in-law were fishing. I was sitting. I enjoy sitting. I don’t do enough sitting.

Can you squint to see those chairs in the foreground? I was all about those chairs. 
Let’s get on to the odd things.
Actually, can I show you some not-odd things first? These are more along the lines of sweet things.

That is my oldest son enjoying the outdoors life. They caught only one fish between the five of them and it was from his pole.

There’s the little guy. We threw him back in. (My son, not the fish. No, I mean the fish, not my son.)

This is my youngest son with his uncle, who is my husband’s brother. We went to visit them to attend their couples shower on Saturday night. It was lots o’ fun. My boys love being with them and really love their dogs!

This is my husband and future sister-in-law fishing. She really knew how to cast her line out there! I was going to give it a try but I was sitting in those chairs. I like sitting in chairs. Plus, I was busy eating sunflower seeds. Since it takes 5 minutes per sunflower seed, I was pretty busy in my chair. I didn’t really have time to fish.
I did have time to look around, though. When you are fiddle fartin’ with a sunflower seed while looking around, you have plenty of time to see odd things.
Shall we start?

I could not figure out what this little contraption could be as I stared at it from my chair. The heck? So, I went to my Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page and asked if anyone else was confused like me. I liked hearing what they thought it could be.

Shawnda Leslie was the closest. It is set on a timer. Every evening at 5:00, it sprays out fish food and the catfish gobble it up. My future sister-in-law (FSIL) said it looks like cat food. Other fish could eat it, too, but the catfish usually get to it first. Half-fish, half-hog, those catfish.


My oldest son found this one. I actually could not see this from my chair where I was eating sunflower seeds. He called me over to it. We stared at it a while. He wondered if it was an ancient hangman game. I wondered if it was some kind of instrument. What are you wondering? When I’m going to tell you what it is?
It’s a target practice deal for your pistol.
We’re in Texas, y’all.
Now, for the last thing.
“I am so sorry, y’all, but I need to go pee. I’ll totally squat behind a tree. Just don’t look in this direction.”
“No, you don’t have to squat behind a tree. Let me show where we go to the bathroom,” my FSIL said.
She went into my brother-in-law’s truck and got out some napkins.
“Let’s go,” she said. I started following her through the trees, through the brush and up a big hill.
I doubted that there was a real bathroom around. I was thinking she was trying to find an extra wide tree to stick me behind. It was sort of an exciting adventure as we climbed higher and higher.
“This is it,” she said. “You can go right here. Just throw the napkin in that trash can.”
And now I bring you to…

Can you squint?
That there is the country bathroom. When I say “country”, I mean it. We were in a town that had only two fast food restaurants and both looked relatively new. There was a Sonic and a Subway attached to gas station.
When you go fishing, though, no matter where you are, bathrooms aren’t usually nearby. I was in luck here, though. There was an actual toilet seat in the middle of a field.

And I was going to sit on it.
I thought this was a rather odd sight.
It reminded me of a moment I had with my grandmother at an estate sale we had with my late great aunt’s possessions. One of those possessions was a bedside toilet seat like this one that belonged to my great aunt’s husband that died in the 70s, except that one was made out of wood and was collapsible.
That was one old commode.
And no one was offering up any money for it.
“Nana, why are we even selling this?” I asked my grandmother as we both stared at it. “We should throw this away. It is a used old toilet.”
“Kelley! Someone would really love to have this, just you wait. You don’t realize how much this could mean to somebody.”
I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as we both stared at the old potty chair. She started laughing, too.
(One of the things I cherish the most is how I can truly, truly laugh-out-loud WITH my 89-year-old grandmother still. She is a treasure to me and one of my best friends.)
And, wouldn’t you know it?
A man walked up later and bought the dadgum thing.
“I’mma buy this thang for mah wahf. She’s always fussin’ and a-hollerin’ when we go camping about not wantin’ to squat behind the trees. She can sit on this from  now on. Hahaha!!”
He was as happy as he could be with that used toilet.
(Random Dr. Seuss flower I found on my walk back from The Toilet In The Middle of the Field.)
I now can relate. I was pretty happy with that toilet in the grass, too.

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