The BEST part of my 6-year-old’s birthday party had to be…


If you want the short answer, I’ll give it to you right now. No need to play around with it.
I have written about it before, only when I wrote about them the last time, I had never actually tasted one yet. That all changed on Saturday when Frozen Bliss Snow Cones, owned by Ryan and Brittney Toliver, made their way out to my 6-year-old’s birthday party at our house. As I have shared before, Ryan is a special education teacher at the school where I work part-time. This is their side business, but I have a feeling it won’t be for long. They have already been asked to make a franchise out of it! They aren’t there just yet, but that just tells you how appealing their establishment is already. They have already spent many days out in The Woodlands Market Street, which is a high-end shopping area to the north of Houston. Their vintage trailer fits right in with the whole vibe there.
(See Tommy Bahamas behind them?)
Before you start reading about our experience with them at my son’s party, you must know that, while they are still available for events, they are about to open up a permanent location at Theiss Mail Route and Louetta in Spring, Texas THIS Thursday, May 1st. This is exciting! After you read this post, you will see why I am ALL about it. I want to help support them and spread the word about what is unique and delicious about their business this week. If you live in this area, PLEASE, PLEASE check them out and pass on the word to your friends and family! As a part of my partnering with them, they are offering a buy one, get one free (of the same size) snow cone deal from Thursday, May 1st, through Saturday, May 3rd. All you need to do is to save this graphic below into your phone or pull it up on the this blog or from the Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page. If it is not there yet, it will be soon. Think of it like a coupon!

I can see why they are such a hit.
Those snow cones were goooooooooooood.
Here’s the deal. My son’s 6-year-old birthday party involved some pizza eating, some bounce house jumping and some swimming. The snow cones were what I had imagined to be a side treat. Let me tell you what happened. The kids gave the bounce house a dirty look, passed it’s inflated face right up and got snow cone after snow cone. The adults couldn’t resist the snow cones, either.
The babies even loved them.
(Brittney is good with the babies. She and Ryan have two little guys, 4 and 2, of their own.)
These were not normal snow cones.
I repeat. These were not normal snow cones.
These snow cones are…just…I don’t know, y’all…. I’m almost speechless about them! The flavors that they had to choose from might leave you standing there for days in contemplation. I was all about trying the “all natural” ones. I tried Blackberry Lavender, which I absolutely loved, as well as Orange Ginger, Strawberry Shortcake (a “signature flavor”) and Pina Colada. These flavors were so, so, so good. It was less like a snow cone and more like a full out dessert. There were REAL crushed blackberries and lavender in the first one. The Pina Colada one had REAL pineapple and coconut milk in it. I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could have had an IV of that hooked up to me. The Strawberry Shortcake one had REAL cake batter in it. One that I didn’t try because, hello, I had a ton already, was Root Beer Float. They stuff real ice cream inside that one. I might go to sleep with a smile on my face just thinking about that one.

Other all-natural flavors they have that will be rotated weekly:
Mixed Berry,
Peach Bellini, Pomegranate, Lemon Mint, Key Lime, Cranberry Hibiscus, Apple Pie,
Lemon Prickly Pear,
Mango Jalapeno

Those aren’t normal snow cones.
Sweet little guy couldn’t suck the snow cone through the straw, so he started eating the snow cone with his hands. They were icy cold and Smurf blue when he was all done!
I mean, they had the “normal” flavors like bubble gum and Tiger’s Blood, but they just had so many other fun twists that you feel like trying them all.
 I really think the kids loved the freedom to go up and order what they wanted without having to pay for each one. I think it made them feel all independent and grown up, which is important when you are a 6-year-old. Here are a few pictures of my son and his friends trying them out. They all have matured very early, as you can see from their thick and identical mustaches. The random birthday objects were placed so that all the kids were covered up in front of all of the internet, for goodness sakes.

I didn’t get all of the kids in the picture, including my older son. They were probably all getting snow cones when I took these pictures.
It was fun to get the snow cones, because you felt like you were stepping back in time. Brittney set up the cutest little snow cone stand right there in front of my house.


I’m pretty much in love with their color scheme. And the chevron curtains. And the fact that they renovated this whole thing to make this business. And that the area where their snow cone machine actually sits used to be a little dining room that would magically turn into a sleeping area at night.
Brittney and Ryan are hard at work making their New Orleans-style snow cones in the former dining room/sleeping area. I guess you could still sleep there, but it would be really uncomfortable. Super cold, too. See their cute ICE HOPPER below? Ice hopper. It’s called an “ice hopper”. Be honest. Before today, had you heard of an “ice hopper”? You are making that up. You have never heard of an ice hopper. No, you haven’t. You have?
There really is too much cuteness in such a small space. Let’s keep looking.

It’s not a great picture, but you can see the tin vintage roof tile. I’m in love with that.

Those containers make me want to carry around snow cone syrups all day.

Isn’t this little rolling cart cute, too? Love. It.

I’m also really liking their t-shirt logo. (You can buy one soon for $15.)

There is just so much to love. I’m telling you. The experience, the snow cones, the fun, the novelty of it, the change of pace and, most importantly, the people.

Brittney and Ryan truly are super, super nice people. They are very professional and very kind. They will work well with anybody.

If you are interested in having them out for an event, such as a birthday party or, really, any kind of event (church, sports, school, etc.), the charge is $130 for one hour and 25 snow cones. Each snow cone after that costs $2. For larger events, they don’t charge the base price and just charge per serving. They are willing to work with different budgets.

Upcoming Events:
May 1st: Grand Opening from 3-8 p.m.
May 15th: Brill Elementary Spirit Night
May 29th: “Flight Night” ($5 will get you 3 sample sizes of any flavor and a medium snow cone)

May: Tuesday-Friday from 3-8 p.m., Saturday- 12-8 p.m.
June: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-8 p.m.

What You Can Expect To Pay:
The price ranges from $1.75 for a kiddie size to $4.75 for a jumbo size. You can also get extras, like sweet cream, ice cream, gummy bears and other delicious things for just a couple of more coins.

That was a lot of info, I know, but I wouldn’t give them this space here in the Break Room if I didn’t really love the products and admire the Tolivers. I hope you will check them out on Facebook and take the “coupon” to show them when you visit them during their Grand Opening. At the very least, tell them I sent you! 🙂 If you want to pass the word on to you friends, you know we won’t stop you!

Here is the “coupon” once again.

Thanks for reading!


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