13 Embarrassing and FUNNY Stories From The Gym


If you are on the fence about going to the gym or joining a gym, read through these stories. You will quickly want to be a part of the gym life just so you don’t have to miss out on funny moments like these below. I asked people to share their funny gym stories on my Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page last week. I AM SO GLAD I DID. I was cracking up while reading through them, so I knew I needed to share them with you all here!

My question: Do you have an embarrassing or funny exercise/gym class story to share?

From Meredith: “Tripping and falling on the treadmill.” (I asked her just how bad the fall was… Was the treadmill going fast or slow? Were there people around?) “Use your imagination.Uh yeah. In front of people. I literally was flat faced on the treadmill when I tripped and fell. Let’s just say the treadmill kept moving and I did not. Sad sad sad.”

From Melissa:OMG do I!!!! I wanted to get in shape…and didn’t know how. So, my friend Lisa Belfiore-Davis brought me to my very first Pilates class taught by Vanessa Logan….and I’m struggling…anyone who tells you Pilates is not a work out has not actually tried pilates. Any way…so I’m plugging away trying to contort myself into something that resembles what the teacher is doing and well…I farted…Loudly…omg the acoustics in that room!!!!!!!!!!! and Vanessa, bless her heart says completely dead pan…it’s a natural function…meanwhile Lisa and I are laughing like 6 year olds! Yes, I went back…it was a great class…”

From Rita: I had a personal trainer holding down my feet while I did sit ups and then “squeak!”….. I FARTED!

From Katie:I always wore a tank top under a sweatshirt for gym class. Always. One class, we went out to play softball and i got really warm running around, so I took off my sweatshirt and dropped it in the outfield where I was standing. I felt much cooler until the gym teacher yelled ”Hey, Katie! That is not appropriate attire for softball. Please put your shirt back on!” My tank had come off along with the sweatshirt. I was oblivious. The good thing was that it was an all girls class. The bad news was my gym teacher was male. Ugh.”

From Christina:I fell asleep at the end of yoga class and woke up in a panic with everybody still quietly sitting there. It was SO embarrassing and I just said, “I had to take a sleeping pill last night and it’s hanging on.”

From Kayley:I get hot when I exercise and they keep the stupid apartment complex’s gym at 72 degrees. I understand wanting to work up a good sweat and all that jazz but I can work up plenty of a sweat at 65 just fine. So when I was at the gym alone one night I opened a window a little wider than it was. Didn’t know that I had set off a silent alarm until 2 security guards came to turn it off! The hot one would NOT stop smiling at me. I will never go back! At least my living room is properly ventilated.”

From Debbie:There was also the time I had the super power no bounce bra on doing the elliptical fast and sweating up a storm. I notice guy on the left and guy on the right were doing half my speed. The guy on the left was staring at me like I was crazy. I thought he was just jealous. That’s when the Velcro strap decided it was time to take a break . Bam! Right out of the DD cup! He was laughing at me! I considered going to the bathroom to adjust but I was on the back row and he already knew. A bathroom break would have been showing everyone as I passed so I re-fastened it right there, shrugged my shoulders, laughed and said ‘Sh$& happens’. He laughed more. I did have a shirt over but you could tell exactly what happened.”

From Bryan: “Does me going to the gym 1 time and running on the treadmill and farting count as a funny story? And then I started laughing and began farting even more and louder (I had Mexican for breakfast. Don’t judge)!!”

Another funny one from Debbie:I once saw a hard core tattooed kind of angry guy who was in pretty decent shape wearing the low cut pants do a chin up at the gym and his pants hit the floor. I had to turn away because I didn’t want him to see me laughing. He is a grouch. That was almost as funny as another hard core guy who came into a workout room with a punching bag while spinning class was going on and pulled back and uttered a loud high pitched “heyaaaahh ” like Bruce Lee and kicked the bag with a twist. The bag came back when he turned and hit him almost knocking him over  It was hilarious. The whole class was laughing but he was trying to impress, walked off without cracking a smile  I guess it messed up his mojo.”

From Kendra:I passed out toward the very end of my second Crossfit session. We were supposed to be finishing the workout with 30 burpees, and I was one of the last ones to get to that point. I had done five, and was standing there with my arms in the air, and next thing I knew, I was on the ground with everyone around me. I almost didn’t go back the next day.”

From Stephanie: My very first gym experience I went to a awesome class that used the resistance bands. Apparently they were worn out because thy snapped and hit me in the face. Black eye for a week. Maybe that’s where my aversion to gyms come from. Huh…Well I guess I can stop going to therapy now…problem solved.”

From Angela: “The guy next to me on the treadmill started it at a high speed and was going to run but as he jumped on he lost his balance and flew off the back … The treadmill caught his shirt and ripped it off. I almost fell off my treadmill laughing!!”

From Kelly:Oh yeah the kickboxing class I left crying because my then DDD’s kicked my a** back…don’t miss those big bullies!”

From Rebecca: Okay, Rebecca didn’t put this one on my Facebook page, but a friend shared it with me. Rebecca is a blogging friend of mine. I can’t believe I didn’t read it before! You guys, you guys, you guys, you have to read it. The title of the post is “One more reason to do your kegels”. It’s over at In The Powder Room. I seriously couldn’t believe what she shared actually happened. How mortifying!!

Funny stories, right?

Do you have anymore to share?? I think I could read these all day.


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