The Snow Cone Post: My Obsession, Experiences & Giveaway


I once wrote a post about what your self-serve ice cream says about you. The way you serve ice cream can be a personality predictor, you know. You didn’t know? It amazes me that there are still people out there that don’t realize the way you put the soft serve in your cone says everything about you. You can find my explanation here, but, really, I thought you would have known this by now.

The other personality predictor?

The way you like your snow cones.

It seems that everyone is on the hunt for the very softest, most snow-like snow cone out there. I know I am a bit obsessed with it. If I take a bite of a snow cone and it’s really just like Sonic ice chopped a bit, I crush the Styrofoam cup full of syrupy ice rocks in my bare hands while making my best Incredible Hulk face before tossing it in the trash.

Once a good snow cone place has been found, the word gets out about the little establishment. Before you know it, everyone knows about it and you have been in line for the better part of a week at “We Snow Know Cones” (the name of my snow cone business one day) just so you can get your Orange Dreamsicle with cream into your hands while the rest are waiting to sink their teeth into some Tiger’s Blood.

(What flavors make up Tiger’s Blood, anyway?)

(Isn’t that a really vicious, savage name for a snow cone? It scared me to type the words out.)

And, sometimes, you forget the line at “We Snow Know Cones” for your fix of a snowy snow cone and just to eat snow. Or someone sort of convinces you that you should eat snow. We spent one Christmas at my brother-in-law’s house near Oklahoma. There was snow everywhere. Soft, fluffy snow. My mother-in-law went outside, got her a scoop of it from the backyard, brought it back in, doctored it up with some sugar and whatnot and gave me a spoonful. I ate it because who wouldn’t eat dirty frozen rain water? What scares me is that I am pretty sure my brother-in-law had a dog then and I vaguely remember my mother-in-law saying “Urine for a treat” as she handed it to me.

Despite the possible additives in that snowy treat, it was really pretty good. I have tried to replicate that “real snow” snow cone here in Houston many times during the winter months, but most of the time I end up with a Styrofoam cup full of cold grass and dirt.

Thankfully, there are alternatives in Houston for really good fluffy, snow-like snow cones that don’t come from yards with dogs. Alternatives that are better than the alternative you are currently thinking of right now. I will even go as far as to say that there is an alternative that is better than “We Snow Know Cones”, which doesn’t even exist yet.

That place?

Is this place.


Don’t you love the colors and the chalkboard and the trailer and the cute family and the trailer? And also the trailer?

Isn’t that little trailer the cutest thing ever???

My new friend, Ryan, and his wife, Brittney, have been married for 6 years and have two precious boys that are 4 and 2. Ryan is a special education teacher at the school where I work. All of the students that he sees love him and even the students that he doesn’t see directly love him! I mention that because I need you to know that he is a super nice person. I haven’t met his wife, but she really looks nice in the picture and I can’t imagine that Ryan would be married to a meanie. Brittney stays at home and runs the “Frozen Bliss” show to help supplement his income. Now, we all know that special education teachers rake in the millions, but the Frozen Bliss side income is still helpful. They take this super cute vintage trailer that was made in the 60s and set up their snow cone magic making contraption at birthday parties, churches, day cares, school functions, festivals, store openings, reunions and just about any other place that humans gather, including The Woodlands Market Street, which is a really upscale, trendy and fun place to shop. Market Street gets in touch with them on a regular basis to come out there because they have been so pleased with the services they have received from Frozen Bliss in the past.

Isn’t it cute? Tommy Bahamas is on the far right. The food there is soooo goo…. *she faints over the thought of it*
(Picture from

And what do they do there in that vintage trailer on Market Street or anywhere else?

Make snow cone magic.

They just don’t make regular ol’ snow cones. No, no, no, no, sir. They do make the “traditional flavors” but they go all out and create some really unique flavors, too. To me, they are like the trendy food truck of the snow cone world. For example, they have ORANGE GINGER on their snow cone menu and LEMON MINT.

Sign. Me. Up.

Not only are these more non-traditional flavors really good, they are also good for you. They are “all natural” and have no additives, preservatives, conservatives or derivatives. (Their snow cones aren’t into politics or math.)

Ryan and Brittney will happily bring their snow cone trailer to just about anywhere in the Houston area. If the event is outside of the Spring/Woodlands radius, they charge a minimal travel fee. They charge $130 to serve your group A LOT of snow cones over the course of an hour. Once A WHOLE BUNCH of snow cones have been served, it is $2 for each additional snow cone. Ryan says it is rare that people end having to pay for additional snow cones because everyone usually gets plenty. If you suspect that there will be a Mr. Harold-Has-A-Whole-Lot at your event, just set aside a few extra dollars or ask Harold to direct traffic.

Do you know what else is fun and unique about them?

Snow cone flights.

They offer SNOW CONE flights.

I’m all over that. You can tell me that you are going to serve me various flavors of Dirty Ditch Water in flights and I’d happily gulp them down. I’m in love with little sample size servings of a bunch of different things. When I hear the word of “sample size servings”, I think about being thirteen and making my rounds all over Sam’s on a Saturday on a hunt for Bagel Bites and small servings of taquitos. So, stay with me, flights remind me of samples which remind me of taquitos which remind me of Bagel Bites which remind me of being loved and cared for by Sam’s personnel. It is no wonder that I’m tight with flights.

I just think the whole snow cone/vintage trailer/yummy, unique flavors thing is fun and worth supporting, even if they were fresh outta flights. I am hoping to have them out for my son’s birthday party in the Spring, which is when they also plan on opening a permanent location in The Woodlands. They will continue to travel, too, but they will have a permanent spot in another cute vintage get-up in The Woodlands area at that time.

I just wanted to get the word out! You can like Frozen Bliss on Facebook here. They will be so happy to see you there!! I will give you the heads up when their Woodlands location opens up.

If you want to get in touch with the Tolivers directly, there is a contact form on their website. You can also e-mail Brittney Toliver at or call 281.795.1835.


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