How To Be A Less Crappy, More Snappy Gift Giver (Post includes a $500 giveaway!)


No one wants to give anything less than a snappy gift. A “snappy gift” is a gift that the receiver loves and the reasons for the love are anyone’s guess. You may have thought that your friend or loved one wanted a new Coach purse when, in reality, they really only wanted a hot pink Bic cigarette lighter.

Good gifts don’t have to be expensive gifts. They just have to be gifts that someone actually wants.
This is where CheckedTwice can help.

 CheckedTwice is a free online gift registry for families and friends to create and collaborate on holiday and special occasion wishlists – making gift-giving simple, organized, and fun. 

CheckedTwice makes it easy to add gift ideas from anywhere, create and manage lists for younger children, share gift giving across family, friends, and other groups, and more. And no spoilers here – CheckedTwice won’t reveal what’s been purchased from your registry, so the joy and surprise of gift-giving stays intact!

When less time is spent shopping and the gifts are guaranteed to please, there’s more time to celebrate the season with friends and family. Happy Gifting! 

If there had been CheckedTwice in the 80s, I am positive I would have not received the plug-in church-like organ with a songbook by this guy below when what I had actually asked for was an electric synthesizer that would have allowed me to create my own A-Ha!-like tunes. The look on my face was all “Huh?” when I saw that poor organ. j must have broken my parents’ hearts. CheckedTwice could have saved me from looking like a rude, ungrateful meanie pants.
(My 5-year-old calls me “meanie pants”.)

I have given plenty of the wrong gifts, too. 
“Oh, you wanted a Chanel perfume? I thought you said you wanted Jean Nate from CVS.”
I think that Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion, is fun when you can combine the gifts to include unexpected, unasked for things that you know someone would love and items that a person has said they would love.
That is why I think there is a place for CheckedTwice in everybody’s gift giving routine. 
And they sure are making it tempting to give it a try this Christmas.

One lucky winner will receive $500 to help you get started on your holiday shopping!

CheckedTwice is giving away $500 to help you get started on your holiday shopping!

Giveaway ends November 18th at 8 pm ET, open to residents of US and Canada, ages 18+.

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Good luck! 

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