Fitness update with measurements #2 (Month 2/3)


You know I wouldn’t include measurements if I wasn’t doing this partnership with my personal trainer Sean Millhouse of Fitness 101, right?

No way to the Jose.
The thing is, that is kind of the whole point of this 3-month deal. I want you to see that this lazy queso inhaling sister can get herself to the gym on occasion, make real changes and not go insane in the process. 
Then I want you to call Sean for yourself. (You can e-mail him at
I know some of you may not live around here, which is cool. You can always get his help from far away in the form of a newsletter. When you click on that link, you will see the e-book “The Secret Weight Loss Winner’s Know” pop up. You are able to get access to that e-book when you enter your name and e-mail address, which will also be the way you sign up for his newsletter. All of the newsletters have been awesome. They are easy-to-read, short and useful with a healthy recipe included. This week’s newsletter brought up the subject of a daily multivitamin, WHICH I DON’T TAKE. 
(Do you take one? If you have kids, do they take one? Feeling bad over here. Feeling bad and vitamin deficient.)
(I think I just felt a hair wiggle loose and set itself free, actually.)
If you live around here and aren’t sure you want to commit to Sean and his gym just yet, you can always try a month of boot camp for $39 via Living Social. You may already be a member at another gym and think that you aren’t sure you want to make the switch. I think that if you can scrap together $39 to just try his boot camp for one month, you will be happy you did. I think you will really like the atmosphere there and the time and energy the personal trainers pour into everyone there. They will remember your name and encourage you along the way. You will laugh. You will be inspired. And you will get fit. Seems like a good choice to me!


I think of this Living Social deal like a sample. You don’t have to take the whole casserole all at once. You can just try one bite to see if you like it!

I love sampling.

(Proof: Went to the Nutcracker Market, a Houston holiday shopping convention-type thing last week and 80% of my purchases were things I could sample. I’m all about the samples.)
I also love results. 
My whole goal this entire time is to have recordable results so that Sean wouldn’t regret giving me all that free water from the cooler at the front of the gym.
Okay, so this is month #2. Within the last month, I have lost these inches from my:
Shoulders: 1/2
Chest: 1/4
Right arm: 1/8
Left arm: 1/8
Right thigh: 1/4
Left thigh: 1/4
Right calf: 1/4
Left calf: 1/4
My body fat has decreased…
…in my triceps by 2%.
…in my abs by 3%.
…in my thighs by 1%.
My overall body fat has decreased by 1% in the last month.
Since I began two months ago, my TOTAL loss has been like this:
Shoulders: 1 1/2
Chest: 1
Right arm: 1/8
Left arm: 1/8
Stomach: 2 3/4
Hips: >1 
Right thigh: 3/4
Left thigh: 3/4
Right calf: same, sister
Left calf: same, sister 

My body fat has decreased…

…in my triceps by 5%.
…in my abs by 14%
…in my thighs by 5%.
My overall body fat over the last two months has decreased by 6.4%.
My weight has only decreased by 7 pounds, according to that scale, but when I wake up in the morning, I see that I have lost 10. My pre-breakfast/lunch/dinner weight is down by 9-10 pounds. This is what I tell myself.
I am down by 2 clothes sizes.
Do you think I could have done this without Sean?? NO. WAY. He has motivated me and I am hoping to motivate you, if you have the desire to make changes. It’s all about that desire.

What motivates you?

What do you think would help you get to the gym or to eat better?

Being able to fit into clothes I have held on to for so long once again does motivate me, but I’m also motivated by health. I know you can do everything right and still something could hit you that you have no control over. My experience working in a hospital for the last 13 years has shown me that there are some things that I could help prevent.

(And, trust me, I could do better at the prevention thing. I still eat things with sugar, for example, and I like myself a cold Diet Coke.)

I generally exercise 2 times a week, but I am trying for 3. Sean, in his nice way, asked me how many times I exercised per week probably knowing I’d say 2. He said it needs to be 3. And he means it.

There is a month left of this little fitness project and do you know what is included in that month? THANKSGIVING. After that, CHRISTMAS. I have got to be on my best behavior. I know that I am kind of a pro at eating decent during the week but that is only because I don’t have much choice. I have no time to eat much in the morning or at lunch. I do eat and I do eat sufficient calories and nutrients, but I don’t have the leisure to keep eating and eating…like I do on the weekends. This weekend alone I have had an Olive Garden catered lunch on Friday, Mexican food Friday night, breakfast out at one of our favorite places on Saturday and P. F. Chang’s on Sunday.

My point? I am not perfect and know that I could reverse everything in a very short period of time. I work when my kids are in school, so the times that they are off are dangerous times for my caloric intake- Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring Break, SUMMER. I could totally go back up if I’m not careful.

That boot camp is looking like a pretty good idea to me right now. I think it would also be a great way to have some accountability. I need someone to say, “Where have you been? We noticed you weren’t at boot camp because we didn’t hear someone crying in the corner.” I need that.

What keeps you motivated? Or are you motivated?

And do you take a multivitamin?

(I’m still feeling guilty about that one.)


About Sean, the Personal Trainer Man:

Sean Millhouse is the program director and owner of Fitness 101. He is also a partner in Northwest Personal Training Center (Northwest Houston’s largest Personal Training Facility). Sean and his businesses have helped more than 3500 clients meet their goals through the development of healthy fitness and eating habits.

Sean has been an ACE certified Personal Trainer for 14 years and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston- Downtown. Through ACE, he is also an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.

Through his multiple Personal Fitness Programs…Sean has worked with several local celebrities and successful business owners in the Northwest Houston area. His focus is on helping people who have lost control of their lives. Sean teaches that if we start practicing moderation, we can achieve balance and live a healthy lifestyle.

To help change lives through fitness…Sean offers his knowledge for lunch and learn opportunities, health and fitness seminars, and various charity functions.

Sean also publishes a Blog at and weekly e-newsletter “Fit For Life” that help readers stay current with health and fitness topics. Archived articles are available on the blog.


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