The Cheesiest, Bossiest, Funniest Workout Video I’ve Ever Seen (Okay, I found two…)


You guys, I have just spent a long, long time on YouTube looking at funny workout videos. I have been laughing so hard that I have been crying. There was one video that absolutely had the most annoying song as the background but then the funniest scene at 48 seconds into it.

I had to take this break to laugh at people working out because I have been a real Grumpy Bear this week. I’ve been a realllll Bad Mood Billy. A regular Cranky Caillou. A certified Cranky Doodle Dandy. So much is packed into this week that it makes my head hurt.

One thing that always makes me feel better, though?

Working out.

No matter how stressful of a day I have had and no matter how stressful it is to get in the car and make my kids behave so I can get on the dingdang elliptical, I know for certain that working out was the best way I could have spent those 45 minutes.

Seriously, though I know this in my head, if it wasn’t for Sean and his encouragement, I just don’t know that I would keep it up. That is why Fitness 101 is such an awesome place. You really don’t feel like a number there at all. You don’t just blend in with a sea of people. The trainers run the show there and they know your faces. They know if they haven’t seen you in a while. They know if you have been there a lot. They are friendly and encouraging to everyone.

Another reason that I love the place is that my kids can sit on a couch at the front and do their homework while I am on the elliptical. I have checked my son’s math homework while sweating my face right off. I can keep an eye on them. There aren’t a jillion kids running around karate chopping my sons right in their thyroid cartilages. They have been in gym daycares before and sometimes it got a little rough in there. Northwest Personal Training Center also has a room in the back with a TV and toys for the kids, too.

If you are in the area, I would highly encourage you to check out what Sean Millhouse has to offer and give one of their boot camps a try. He would be happy to talk with you about the specifics in terms of trial classes, membership and all of that good stuff.

Another awesome thing is that, even if you live in Alaska, you can benefit from Fitness 101, because it’s not just a physical gym. Sean sends out weekly newsletters with great fitness tips and really good healthy recipes. You can enter your name and e-mail address here to receive his weekly newsletter in addition to an e-book “The Secret Weight Loss Winners Know”.

Seriously, though, what is keeping you from moving YOUR boogie body?

If I can’t motivate you to get that boogie body moving, then I know this lady can do it. Please, for the love of white tights, watch this video and then watch it again. It is THAT good.

I love this video more than queso, which is a WHOLE LOT. You don’t know how much I would GIVE to be one of the girls on the side that gets to freeze in place while Ms. Tan & Tone does her little number. I am thisclose to makin’ some room and actually doing this number with that little bossy face.

 “Get loose for heaven’s sake!” she yells.

She’s pretty bossy for wearing white tights at the gym, right?

She probably knows that Prancercise lady that Insane In The Mom Brain spoofed. So, really, this is a toss up in terms of the cheesiest factor. Since I added in “bossiest” maybe Boogie Body wins? Well, no, because Pink & Tights below said “Let’s stop talking and do some walking”. That’s pretty bossy.

This really is a tough call.

I’m just thankful that neither of those ladies work at Fitness 101. No, actually, I’m not thankful for that. Sean, can you see if either of these ladies need a job?

So, that wraps this post up. For one thing, I need to watch Ms. Tan & Tone again and, for another, I need to Google her and find out if she’s still moving that boogie body. Uh-huh! Oh, yeah!

This post is sponsored by Fitness 101 in a round about way. I write about him and he helps me not get stuck in movie chairs.


About Sean, the Personal Trainer Man:

Sean Millhouse is the program director and owner of Fitness 101. He is also a partner in Northwest Personal Training Center (Northwest Houston’s largest Personal Training Facility). Sean and his businesses have helped more than 3500 clients meet their goals through the development of healthy fitness and eating habits.

Sean has been an ACE certified Personal Trainer for 14 years and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston- Downtown. Through ACE, he is also an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.

Through his multiple Personal Fitness Programs…Sean has worked with several local celebrities and successful business owners in the Northwest Houston area. His focus is on helping people who have lost control of their lives. Sean teaches that if we start practicing moderation, we can achieve balance and live a healthy lifestyle.

To help change lives through fitness…Sean offers his knowledge for lunch and learn opportunities, health and fitness seminars, and various charity functions.

Sean also publishes a Blog at and weekly e-newsletter “Fit For Life” that help readers stay current with health and fitness topics. Archived articles are available on the blog.


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