Houston’s Mini Photo Album for National Girls’ Night Out!!


Last night was the National Girls’ Night Out event inspired by the book Rachael of RachRiot, Patti of Insane In The Mom Brain and I co-authored, among others, called I Just Want To Pee Alone. Groups of girls got together in lots of cities everywhere, except probably not in Bangkok or Bangladesh. Maybe next year we will try to get an International Girls’ Night Out going. The only thing is when the girls in Bangladesh are posting their pictures on Instagram, we’ll all be slobbering all over our pillows. I’ll have to give this one some more thought.
Rachael, Patti and I live in Houston and decided Black Finn would be a great place to kick it. Black Finn is located in “Midtown”. This is a short way of saying “Close To Downtown Where The Restaurants Are Newer And Will Make You Feel Really Trendy And With It”. Rachael and Patti live on the opposite side of Houston from me, so we chose a central place to get our appetizers on. We were grateful for the people who ventured out into the drizzly rain to be there with us!
I just couldn’t let the night go past without sharing my mini photo album! I didn’t take all of these pictures and am not sure if I got everyone’s picture. Please note that if my teeth looked extremely gigantic, I took those photos OUT. If you are thinking I missed a couple, well, you should have seen the ones I took out!
(You know what we needed there last night? My grandmother’s late second husband. He was a redneck entrepreneur. He’d go to dance halls, snap pictures of you with his Polaroid and sell it to you for $5.)
The pictures, the pictures…
Rachael, Patti & me in front of this very lovely sign. We tried to sell it to Christie’s to be auctioned off but they told us to go swimming in the Bermuda Triangle.
Rachael and two awesome people. The guy told us he was leaving when we were  because he was going dancing. Real dancing. Like tango. And salsa. Y meringue.

Goodness gracious. That girl must have told a funny joke! Patti and her sister, Lindsy (she’s an actress!), are out of control!

Here is a more normal picture. This lovely lady with the perfect make-up (I asked her for lessons) won the goody bag! That thing was stuffed!! And, seriously, if you are reading this post right now, please tell me your name. I should have written these things down!
I must have said something really funny. (Just kidding.) They’re laughing because they saw how big my teeth were. (Not really.) Patti told them a joke. (I bet it was Patti.)
That guy is kneeling down but wouldn’t the picture be so much more awesome if he was actually standing up???
We had lots of good conversations about Houston restaurants. My next stop is definitely “Down House” in The Heights! This is Sherry and some other really fun and friendly RachRiot fans!
This is Andria, Mollie and Brenda and they are just all around awesome people!! I could fill up a whole blog post about why I love them like I do. I laughed so much with them that I hardly realized I was eating really raw tuna!

Hot mamacitas, amirite? I bet people passing by the area last night thought this was a big time Houston socialite party or something. Bet they were looking all around for Annise. (Annise = mayor)

Sarah and Breeanne were lots of fun! Sarah informed me that there is no pumpkin in Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. When she told me this, it was all she could do to keep me from throwing bar stools right through some windows!
This is Lindsy Greig and did I already mention that SHE IS AN ACTRESS? That is probably why she liked this picture better, but I liked this one below much better:
Seriously, it was a fun night. If it hadn’t been for Jen of People I Want To Punch In The Throat, I would have never met these crazy thangs:

(And I have NO CLUE what I am doing with my hands.)
Thanks, Jen, and thanks to everyone who made it out! 


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