2013 Kia Optima Hybrid Review (I loved this one.)


It’s that time again.

What time?
Car review time. I’m partnering with the nice people over at STI who partnered with the nice people over at Kia to bring you this post. I have worked with them on a Mazda and another Kia before.
You know, I would love nothing more than to write about whatever inspires me and makes me laugh (and hopefully you laugh) day in and day out, such as the conversation game my husband always wins or this awful thing that I found inside my BED, but sometimes I feel I must veer to the review lanes. I try not to do this more than once a week, if even that. It’s just that it’s the practical side of blogging that speaks to my husband’s heart the most and it’s important to speak to my husband’s heart around here. He likes the tangible things that blogging can bring, you know? This is helpful for when I yell out, “I’LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE! I’M WORKING ON MY BLOG!” It somehow makes neglecting important things more worth it as I tip tap on the keyboard.

Getting THIS in your driveway makes it worth it, more specifically:

This is the 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid.

I was really excited when I pulled up into my driveway to see it sitting there. As we came around the corner, my boys and I were making guesses about the color of the car. We bet that it was going to be red or yellow or black or white. There have been two other times that I have received a car via STI- one was a red Mazda and the other one was a green Kia. I was hoping for something more subtle this time and when I approached my house, I saw silver.

I like silver.

It looked exactly like the car above. If I had gotten my act together, I would have taken a picture of it for you. I did get to take some pictures or videos, though, of some of my favorite features.

(My favorite feature was the full gas tank, speaking of which, practically STAYED full the entire week! It was really, really awesome. I drive a lot and I usually have to fill up at least once a week. I think I used a quarter of a tank the whole week due it being a hybrid and all. If I didn’t have this, that and the other to do, I probably would have driven all the way to Somalia in it to see how many times I had to stop to fill up the tank.)

(Yes, I know I can’t actually drive to Somalia.)

Being that I live in Houston where it is really HOT and you turn into a human mud puddle if you stand outside in the direct sunlight for more than 3 seconds, I really, really, really loved this feature:

Air conditioned seats are apparently NOT a new thing. My mother-in-law has them in her car and has had them for quite some time. Well, well, well. I haven’t had them and have never heard of them and loved them with all of my heart. (My kids felt cheated, though. They only had heated seats in the back. Poor, poor things, right?)

My kids favorite features of the car were buttons that you could push that would make things move. In this fine looking automobile, there were two of those fancy buttons- one for the DOUBLE sun roof and one for the side mirrors.

First, the side mirror that I named the “rear view mirror” in the video. Try playing “Where’s Waldo?” in this 17-second movie:

They also really, really liked the double sun roof, which simultaneously slid in from the front and the back:

Definitely, one of the things I loved most about the car was the music it played when I got in and got out of it. My SUV right now doesn’t play music! It’s so soothing. I feel like I’m in a movie and it’s the music that is in the background, only it lasts for just seconds.

I really did love this car. My boys fit in it just fine, so I could see it being a car that would fit well into a family of four. There was great space in the back and in the trunk, despite the electric battery being back there. I loved the ease with which the car drove, the style, the wheels and all the features I already pointed out in this post. I definitely would consider purchasing this little hottie.

When I look at Kia websites on-line, the starting price appears to be $25,900. This one was more than that because of some of the extras. I believe it was $30,000+. I think it’s worth it, though. Did I mention that I never had to refill the gas? And that it, like, hardly budged?

It was really hard giving this one back when my time was up.


This post was sponsored by STI and Kia, but all opinions are my own.


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