Adult Diapers Need Decorations, Too. (I’ve got a few ideas…)


 Babies and toddlers have the CUTEST diapers decorated with Elmo, Mickey Mouse, flowers and even Caillou, but, tell me, what do the elderly get on (not IN!) their Depends, hmmm?!  NOTHING.  A big fat nothing.  Day in and day out they slide into their big, stark white plain, plain, PLAIN gigantic diaper with absolutely no flair.  So, the point of this post is to make my case and then offer a solution. 

First, let’s preview what the youngest among us are privileged enough to have displayed on the outside of their absorbent little undergarments:

They even get to wear diapers that look like jeans!!

(Babies that are brought up wearing denim diapers grow up to wear pajama jeans.)
WHY, I ask you, do those who depend on Depends not have more exciting options?  This is 2013!
We’ve polled old people across the land to figure out what they love most and stuck it on the front of their adult diaper.  This is just the beginning, folks.  I am allowing you to get on the ground floor with this one and chime in with your suggestions on patterns and features that will make these Dependz (with a “z” to demonstrate a different flair, if you will) the talk of every Bingo hall, nursing home, mall walking club and church function out there.  We are so excited to finally show you our first 4 styles for women!  Men styles are still in the planning phase.

We all know people with gray hair love cruises. Why not put their favorite thing right on their fannies?

Your grandmother is going to yell “BINGO!!!” when she runs into these babies at her local store.

Fox News can make an older person’s heart sing, so I fully expect some “Hallelujah”s to spring forth from behind a walker when these are spotted on the CVS shelves.

I think we all know an older lady or two who loves her some Angela Lansbury in “Murder, She Wrote”.  Let her take Angie with her to the bathroom! 

You know this list could go on FOREVER.  We only have enough manpower and money to begin these four styles, but, like I said, we are always open for suggestions. With enough help, we can finally make a stand for the elderly, or actually ANYONE who has to depend on adult diapers,  and let manufacturers know that we’ve had enough of those huge white, plain pants.  WE WANT PICTURES!  And maybe even pockets!
What other decorations do you suggest?
*Originally published here in July 2011.


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