WHAT MAISIE KNEW: A giveaway for this highly-acclaimed movie featuring autographed material by Alexander Skarsgard & Julianne Moore


On May 17th, which is THIS Friday, the movie WHAT MAISIE KNEW will be in theaters. The movie’s website describes the movie as a “story of a captivating little girl’s struggle for grace in the midst of her parents’ bitter custody battle. Told through the eyes of the title’s heroine, Maisie navigates this ever-widening turmoil with a six-year-old’s innocence, charm and generosity of spirit.”

Doesn’t that pull at your heart already?

The movie has already very strong reviews. It was an Official Selection at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. This, according to my very legit internet research just now, is a very big deal. Onata Aprile, the little 7-year-old girl that plays “Maisie”, has been described as an exceptional actress.

This trailer right here makes me want to buy tickets right now.

  • A WHAT MAISIE KNEW poster signed by “star and hunk Alexander Skarsgard”. I have girls on my Facebook page clawing for this signed poster. Clawing! There are some MAJOR Alexander Skarsgard fans out there. They want to put Alexander Skarsgard in their pockets. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen him as “Eric” on HBO’s True Blood or, actually, anywhere ever before. It looks like I am missing out!
Hello, Mr. Swedish Man!

  • An autographed copy of Julianne Moore’s newest children’s book from her Freckleface Strawberry Series. She has three books in that series: Freckleface Strawberry, Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully and then this one below, Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever. There is also an off-Broadway musical called Freckleface Strawberry the Musical that apparently will play its last show on July 1st. It looks SO CUTE. I would SO take my boys to it, if I could! Julianne Moore also has a mobile app for the iPad and iPad mini where you can interact with Freckleface Strawberry and create your very own monster best friend. Love it!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of a giveaway that celebrates freckles! I have freckles and had them very obviously on my face as a child. I DID NOT LIKE THEM. I wanted them off of my face. It would have been so great to have had this book back then. I might not have squeezed so much of the lemon juice/Noxema/Oil of Olay/mayonnaise/freckle remover concoction I made up from my mother’s bathroom trying to scrub them off. I wrote about my freckle issue in the post titled Freckle Juice after the popular 80s children’s book and it is one of my most viewed posts ever. Crazy enough, I even have a picture of Julianne Moore in it!

Julianne Moore next to her creation! Source

  • WHAT MAISIE KNEW pens from Millennium Entertainment. Who doesn’t want good pens, right? I have never had a pen with the title of a movie on it, so I’m all about those. There’s nothing like writing with a good pen. A good pen can make you travel straight from Crapperville to Happerville. (“Happy” doesn’t rhyme with “Crapper” and I’m not playing rhyming games with words that don’t rhyme, folks. I’ll make up words instead.)

This picture below is from the WHAT MAISIE KNEW Facebook page and it has convinced me that whatever plans we had for Friday night will have to be rearranged. My husband is taking me to see this movie. Baseball has hijacked our Saturday and Sunday, but not Friday! I’m seeing this movie on Friday night, dagnabbit! You can’t take over my entire life, BASEBALL!

Another reason I want to see it? It gets an 83% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.com. I’M OBSESSED WITH ROTTEN TOMATOES. This is a very fresh score. Moviegoers loved it, too.

Sooooo….if you are interested in receiving a package that I will mail to you of the WHAT MAISIE KNEW poster autographed by Alexander Skarsgard AND the newest Freckleface Strawberry book autographed by Julianne Moore AND some WHAT MAISIE KNEW pens, take a ride on the Rafflecopter below. It is SUPER easy to use and is the easiest way to keep everything straight. If you have trouble with it for any reason, let me know and I will step in with my cape.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I am required to disclose that this is a sponsored post. Although I have received compensation for this review in the form of goods, all opinions are my own.*


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