The scariest thing to do in your car


This is the scariest thing to me.

And DEFINITELY the scariest thing to do in your car.

Now, I know there are lots of scary things out there. I would rank being taken as a hostage in the Middle East as pretty scary. Having Ariel Castro say five words to me would be very scary. Putting a bow on top of an angry tiger’s head? TOTALLY scary. Eating a June bug burrito would scare me. Getting my eyebrows threaded would sort of scare me. The list is pretty much endless.
I am talking about a different kind of scary in this post. More like a thrill-seeking scary.
My husband first did this to me while we were way out in the country where you can see stars and stuff.
I nearly peed in my pants.
It is quite dangerous, but very easy to do. All you need is…
Let’s just let my little 3-minute v-log do the explaining.

(Can you believe I wrote this little squirt of a post on my iPhone while at my sons’ baseball practice?)


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