Is it me or is a burglar making that noise? (A video clip.)


You may be at the Redbox in line behind a woman with an awful wedgie.

You may be in front of your DVR trying to convince your husband to watch “This is 40” like I am about to be doing in 10 minutes while he says, “No, you’ll just fall asleep” to which you will reply, “No, I promise I will stay awake.”
You may even be about to walk in a movie theater so you can dump your face in a popcorn bucket.

OR…you may be wondering if that noise I hear all the time when coming home that you didn’t even know I hear was me or a burglar and just hoping against all odds that I made a pointless video about it.
I made one.
It’s 2-minutes.


Are we following each other? Well, why the heck not?


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