FINDING KIND: A powerful film and campaign to end girl-on-girl bullying (includes a giveaway)


Two minutes.

Two minutes is all it took before tears filled my eyes.

This documentary, “Finding Kind”, about girl on girl bullying is powerful, heart wrenching and true.

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The filmamkers, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, met while they were at Pepperdine University together. They traveled across the country interviewing people about girls bullying other girls. They interviewed experts and authors in many different fields, as well. One quote that stuck with me was from Linda Daugherty, the playwright of “The Secret Life of Girls”, when she said,

“If there is one thing we can all be, we may not all be smart, we may not all be beautiful, we not all be talented, but we can all be kind.”

The filmmakers hope to establish a national school program to end girl bullying.

The 77-minute documentary is free for viewing from IndieFlix until May 24th. I was excited when IndieFlix contacted me, because I thought this documentary was well worth the time.

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    Remember FINDING KIND is only available to watch through IndieFlix until May 24th.

    Have you ever been bullied? Were you a bully? Does this film sound like something you’d like to see? Tell us more about you.


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