A Good Laugh For A Good Cause


All week you have been stomping around the house saying to yourself, “SELF, WHERE ARE SOME AWESOME AND FUNNY E-CARDS I CAN SEND TO MY FRIENDS THAT WILL RAISE UP TO $10,000 FOR A CHARITY THAT HELPS HOMELESS FAMILIES?” I know you have and that is why I wrote this post.
Rants from Mommyland has teamed up with Naughty Betty, the creator of super funny greeting cards, to make these 14 Mother’s Day ecards. The more these cards get shared this week, the more money the sponsor Sweet Relish will donate to Shelter House (up to $10,000). Sweet Relish is “basically a tool for organizing discoveries, sharing what you want, and seeing what others like” and Shelter House is a “community-based, non-profit organization serving homeless families”.
Got that?
Rants from Mommyland.
Naughty Betty.
Sweet Relish.
Shelter House.
Helping people.
Sharing funny e-cards to raise money.
Here are a few of my favorites:
There are a bunch more funny ones over at Sweet Relish, y’all. I encourage you to go check it out and share a few on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. because a) it’s fun and b) it’s such a simple way to help out some families in need.
Plus, it speaks the truth. LICE ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS. THEY COULD GIVE A FLIPPIN’ FART ABOUT YOUR MOTHER’S DAY, YOUR MOTHER’S MOTHER’S DAY, YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW’S MOTHER’S DAY, THE LADY AT THE CLEANER’S MOTHER’S DAY OR YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S MOTHER’S DAY. If we don’t share it for any other reason than to let lice know we can’t stand their itty-bitty-tiny faces, that’s reason enough for me!


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