The 4 Worst Shoes Worn At Disney World (plus, a bonus picture of awesome wings)


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Disney World is an interesting place, yes? Some of you have seen it 5 times and that was only during this past year. You are obsessed with Disney. I bet you are sort of like Ariel, but instead of gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, you have Mickey Mouse figurines coming out your ear holes.

Some of you have never been. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe it is not in the budget or maybe you wish Mickey would fall off a cliff. I don’t know. I just know that Disney World is not on everyone’s ultimate family destination list.
We have family within driving distance of Orlando, so we went to Disney World a few times when we were children. We took my son when he was 5 to Disney a few years ago. His birthday is in October, so along with the rest of the park, we dressed up. My son dressed as a Storm Trooper, my husband dressed as Darth Vader, I dressed as Princess Leia and my baby was an Ewok. (We left the Ewok at home, though. Poor Ewok.)
We are planning on going to Disney again soon, but this time the Ewok is coming.
And, believe me, I will be on a shoe hunt again.
I present to you…
Those are too hard & flat for Disney World, McFly.

I guess her feet have some cushion, but…how can she walk on those up & down the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse to the Haunted Mansion to the parade to the Mad Hatter Tea Cups to the Buzz Lightyear ride to…? Lawduhmercy.
I did not seek cover behind a bush or an unknown child’s stroller.  I straight up whipped my camera out & took a picture of those boots like it was Mickey smiling at me.  She was speaking Italian.

I am so sorry this picture isn’t great.  Can you squint?  THIS picture took some work, now.  I had to snap a lot of pictures from quite a distance with my zoom and by “zoom”, I mean my camera phone.  It was also getting late.  This lady, y’all, was getting in the Winnie the Pooh’s “Hunny Pot” in those stankin’ thangs.  She probably had been walking ALL DAY in them.  She had several small children with her.  She was also speaking Italian.
And, of course, the bonus picture I took while standing behind this lady in the Jungle Cruise line…
I promise I don’t always go around taking pictures like these, but, well, those last two shoes were RIDICULOUS for Disney, amirite? And, the wings? I know. That wasn’t very nice. They were just perfectly sculpted. It was like taking a picture of art.
So, the next time you go to a major amusement park, think carefully about your choice of shoes.  Someone could be taking pictures of your feet. 
Or your hair.

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