I finally got on TV and all I did was make boxes. (The video with proof included.)


If you follow the Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page or the Facebook pages of Insane In The Mom Brain (half the world does!) or RachRiot, then you probably know that Friday night we were interviewed on Fox 26 News here in Houston surrounding the book, I Just Want To Pee Alone. Well, truth be told, Patti was being interviewed regarding the super success of her blog and then the book was highlighted at the end. It was a fun experience overall and it was a lot of fun!

I’m in the black beside Rachael and Patti.

But, I have some regrets.

I made too many dingdang boxes.

You know, it’s funny, because when I was younger, I used to daydream about being on TV. I’m thinking most girls liked to pretend they were on TV. I dreamed about being a news anchor or a character on SNL or an actress in a movie and do you know what’s ironic about the whole thing? I used to always say, “When I finally get on TV, I WILL MAKE BOXES!”

So, yeah, that was a total dream come true.

Some of you have definitely seen the video by now, but, for those that haven’t, I have embedded it below. Let me give you a quick rundown of the box making events.

Box 1: I made it to describe the hospital where I work very, very part-time.

Box 2: Patti made fun of said box and made a box herself.

Boxes 3 and 4: I continued making boxes of the foundation of the hospital.

Box 5: Patti made another box.

Boxes 6-8: Rachael jumped in and made a few boxes.

Boxes 7-11: I’m still boxing the day away. I’m making boxes right and left. I’m a madman box maker. No one can stop me from making boxes. I will boxes until I can make no more boxes. I love boxes. Boxes are hot.

Box 12: I have moved on to building the hospital. I am no longer making horizontal square boxes. I have now progressed to a rectangular vertical box.

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

So, yeah, you could say it was a dream come true. I FINALLY SHOWED THE WORLD HOW WELL I COULD MAKE BOXES. For all of those who ever doubted my box making abilities, how does it feel to be so very wrong?

Truth be told, I wish I had made a lot less boxes, sat in a different chair (I don’t like that angle…the angle where I can be seen at all), not talked so much, worn a different shirt and not messed with my hair so much. No, no…actually, I wish I had sat underneath the table and talked from under there. I could have made a ton of boxes and no one would have ever known. I wouldn’t have gotten requests to be on so many Charades teams that way. The difficulty I’m having in trying to figure out which team to pick is just eating me up inside.

It was also lots of fun just hanging out with Patti and Rachael. Both are super funny ladies, as you would imagine. They didn’t show the part of the interview where Rachael made me laugh out loud so much with a story about her son’s friend coming over while she was getting ready one day. She was lots of fun to hang out with! I’m glad that they did show Patti singing and dancing, though.  (She sang the song “Kelley’s Break Room”, which I am currently trying to figure out how to make into a ring tone.) We should take this show on the road. There will be dancing, singing and box making.

The interview was at Patti’s house. Patti has a huge following and for all of Patti’s followers that may be reading this post, her house is a cute as you’d expect. Lots of fun mustaches everywhere. Her cat, Gypsy, was nice, but not overly nice. Just perfect. (I’m not a good judge of cats. My college roommate’s cat peed all over my clothes once because he knew I couldn’t stand his ugly cat face. Gypsy was not like that cat.) The zombies on her fireplace were well behaved. I was fearful at one point that one was going to jump up and bite my ear, but he stayed put like a good little zombie. Justin Bieber was quite the gentleman, albeit a little stiff. He didn’t let loose like I expected and no matter how many times I requested “As Long As You Love Me”, he wouldn’t budge. NOT AN INCH. (He really was pretty snobby, if you want the truth.) And I finally got to taste that infamous Modelo. (It was muy bien!) I felt so privileged that Patti shared one with me. It’s her favorite! That Patti is so generous.

The reporter, John Donnelly, is standing with us while Justin hangs out in the back.
I had no clue Bieber was such a wallflower!

But, most importantly, I got to make boxes.


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