Top 5 Things I Learned As A Kid From Watching “You Can’t Do That On Television”


#5 Boys with freckles are cute. See, I had freckles growing up and I hated them, but when I saw Alisdair Gillis with his freckles, well…I started liking mine a little more. (By the way, I totally thought it was “Alistair”, but, after a Google search, saw that it was “Alisdair”. It’s like I didn’t even really know him or something.) Girls, you had a crush on him, too, didn’t you? (Okay, went to the Kelley’s Break Room Facebook page and see that some girls are trying to claim that Alisdair was theirs. I am going to have to set them straight riiiiiight nah.)

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#4 People from Canada talk funny. Different. Is that better? They were always saying “aboot” instead of “about”. The show was filmed in Ottawa. Crazy Canadians. (Okay, Texans are crazier. I can’t say “sell” and “sale” right, according to my husband.)

#3 Mindless TV can help you waste lots and lots and lots of time. What was this show aboot anyway? I can’t even tell you. It was just people standing up on a stage or sitting down on the stage and talking. And then getting doused in slime. I would stayed GLUED to the TV when it was on. I loved that one of the character’s names was Lisa, because that is my sister’s name. When I heard my parents stirring around, I would jump up and pretend to be cleaning the living room. You Can’t Do That On Television always got me sidetracked.

#2 “Don’t encourage your [pick a relative]” is a great line to use when being picked on. My sister and I always used this line that we heard Les Lye say over and over on the show. We still say it. He always used the word “mother”. Remember him? Sadly, he passed away at the age of 84. After I saw that news on-line, I felt bad about saying that his character on the show (all four different ones) sort of creeped me out. That’s why I didn’t actually mention that in this post.

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#1 Green slime is bad for your health. Y’all. This is true. While I didn’t learn that from watching the show, I did just read an article in The Onion from 2004 that said ex-You Can’t Do That On Television actors filed a lawsuit against the makers of the show for a host of symptoms they relate to being doused in green slime over and over and over again. Things like migraines, chronic pain and fatigue, numbness, etc. Okay, that is crazy, right? Guess I’m not making Green Slime Enchiladas like I had planned for tonight…

I guess it is too bad that it is bad for your health, as I wrote about a way to use it as a parent over at NickMom yesterday. Just think of the possibilities! Maybe our kids would start giving more direct answers if they were about to get doused! You can check out that post here. Thanks to all who read/share!!


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