The Dark Side of Pinterest


I’m all about Pinterest lately. I used to look at it with disdain. Now, I want to give it a high-five. No, a full on embrace. I know I’m not the only one. Obviously, women are crawling all over the thing. They’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Soon, the word will get out, though, and I have to believe that others will begin to feel the power that is Pinterest.

Not just dads. Or grandfathers. Or your very advanced toddler.

No, I’m talking about other others.

Others that don’t care at all about paint colors.

Or recipes.

Or ways to organize spice racks.

Or teaching children to read.

Or some e-cards.

Or obeying the law.

Or staying out of jail.

Soon, there will be a whole ugly underbelly to Pinterest.

Soon, there will be…

I just know it.

So, since it is inevitable, I thought I might as well move it along.

You just know the criminals who are bound to open Pinterest accounts have NO CLUE how to make cute graphics. (And, you’re right, neither do I.) Why should we just hog all of this information to ourselves?

(If you are one of those underbelly-ers or if you happen to know one, please know that these graphics are absolutely free of charge. It was really no problem!)

Here are my first few pins below. I have a feeling these are the topics those guys will want to cover once they jump into the Pinterest fold. I’m trying to have a bunch on hand so there is not a long wait list once they start throwing requests my way. You don’t want to make criminals wait on a wait list, if you know what I mean. It could get ugly.

What do you think?


What other pins should I have ready??

(If there is a particular crime that you are mingling in right now, please let me know. I’d be happy to whip something up to fit your specific needs.)
Happy pinning!


My graphic “The Best (And Worst) Pieces of Birthday Cake To Get” is went up over at NickMom yesterday. Thanks in advance to all who pop over to see and/or share it. I appreciate it very much! Have a great weekend!!


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