My Take On Top Chef Seattle: “Restaurant Wars” (Alternate title: WOULD YOU EAT A BALUT??)



The show can be summed up pretty much like this:
Stefan was rude.
Stefan didn’t care AT ALL about the patrons at his team’s restaurant.
If my grandmother were at Urbano, she would’ve wanted to give Stefan an elbow to the eye. We don’t like to be rushed. We don’t like our water glass refilled when we just got the lemon to water ratio just right. We don’t want you to tell us to hurry up. Elbow. Eye. Stefan.
Stefan’s behavior was able to be overlooked because his team, headed up by Sheldon, won. The judges LOVED Urbano, which served Filipino food inspired by Sheldon’s grandfather.
Josie was slow.
Josie was on Kristen’s team for the restaurant Atelier Kwan.
Josie is always slow.

bravo, top chef

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Josie’s slowness messed up Kristen’s plans for her broth that was a part of the bouillabesse (traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille), but it was ultimately Kristen’s fault for the concept.
Josie teared up.
Kristen got the ax.
Josie looks like the bad guy.
I feel bad for Josie.
Stefan wants to be the father of Kristen’s children.
(Did you see their tweets from last night?
@topchefstefan: @KristenLKish miss u boo boo. Looking forward seeing u soon
@LMSchweitzer: @KristenLKish Tell me you guys are dating!! Love both of you on the show! 🙂
@topchefstefan: @LMSchweitzer @KristenLKish 😉 hey honey how late are u 😉 ping. 2 weeks overdue ha ha
@KristenLKish: @topchefstefan @lmschweizer don’t start rumors
@topchefstefan: @KristenLKish @lmschweizer rumor lol I painted the room light blue :-
@KristenLKish: @topchefstefan stop it!)
Stefan has bad grammar.
Stefan can’t spell.
Stefan is “a chef, not a server”. (His quote.)
Stefan is funny.
Stefan needs a time-out. And detention.
Honestly, I think Padma was right in heading up Kristen’s dismissal. I mean, Kristen is clearly the better cook when compared to Josie. I think. Maybe I would love Josie’s food if I went to her restaurant. Who knows? Still, it was Kristen’s overall concept that didn’t get the job done. Padma made it clear on Andy Cohen’s show right after Top Chef that she preferred Kristen’s food over Josie’s, but that she was sticking by her decision to let Kristen pack up her knives. Apparently, no amount of throwing Josie under the bus would have changed her mind.
So, that’s that.
Did you watch the show last night?
What are your thoughts about Josie and Kristen?
Any thoughts about the balut?
(Would you eat one if you went to the Phillippines and everyone was doing it? How about for, say, $100? Do it then? $1,000? Oh, COME ON!)



(Sheldon’s team made a version of the balut, but with fully cooked parts. I think. According to Wikipedia, a balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines.)

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