Finding the Funny in 2013



Wellllllll, folks, it’s 2013. Much to my 10-year-old me’s disappointment, I am not going to the grocery store in a spaceship. What I am doing, however, is letting you know Anna and I thought it would be a good time to change things up with our little funny posts link-up shindig. We have been plugging along with “Finding the Funny” for many, many weeks and having an awesome time doing it. With the success of our Holiday edition of our little party, we thought it would be great to just permanently have some new faces around here.
More hosts means a couple of things: 1) More exposure for the blogs that link up and 2) More exposure for the blogs that link up. You see, there will be more exposure to your blog if you link up because, of course, your blog will be featured on all TEN blogs that are hosting below AND there will be plenty of time for your blog to be read/shared, as we are only getting together once a month now versus every week. Before, we were stacking up the super funny posts each week before the super funny posts written the week before could be enjoyed to the max. I admit, I was beginning to fall way behind. At the beginning of our adventure, I was hitting almost all of the blogs every week. Honestly, I think I will now read posts from this month’s link-up and go back to read/share some from previous ones, too. They are practically gold mines after all! If you want to come back and check out the current month’s party later on, you can find the link in my sidebar.

The lovely ladies below will be blasting your name and blog post title all over the dubya dubya dubya. I say “blog post title” because you need to put your blog post title where it says “name” in the linky tool. If you accidentally write your name “Millicent Marie McMahon” or “Francis Francine Franklin” or “Will Hill” (I saw him somewhere on the news yesterday) in that slot, just let us know and we’ll change it for you. No need to tear your clothes and wail in despair.
Meet the Hosts
JD @ Honest Mom
Kerry @ HouseTalkN
Meredith @ The Mom of the Year
Toulouse @ Toulouse and Tonic
The Rules
Link up an old or new funny post. Link up as many times as you want (we’re serious.) The party is open from Wednesday – Friday at midnight. The earlier you link up, the more clicks you’ll get. Click around and meet the other funny bloggers that are linking up. Follow the Finding the Funny Pinterest board. We’ll all be pinning our favorites throughout the month. We don’t ask you to link back to us or include a button on your blog, but we do ask you to send out a tweet or post about the party on your Facebook page. Be sure to use #findingthefunny.


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