10 Things I Will Never, Ever, Ever Eat. Like, Ever. (Inspiration from Top Chef Seattle “Chefs At Sea”- episode 13)


I know I need to expand my horizons. I know it. Chili’s, Lupe Tortilla’s and Olive Garden need to cease being restaurants that I look forward to eating at on the weekends. It’s not like I haven’t eaten at plenty of Top Cheffy restaurants. I have, especially since my sister became a fancy eater. She only eats organic, free-range things and when I go out to eat with her, we rub elbows with the sophisticated people of the world. (Next time I’m at one of those places, I’m going to tell them I bought camembert cheese once.) When the menu comes, though, I frantically comb it for something recognizable. Something normal. Something normal with a twist.


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