Fail-Proof Way To Know When Your Kid Is Lying

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In general, I don't share many personal details about my family on this blog. It's just not what I really do here. Today, though, I am making an exception.

I'm sharing a video with you.

This is a big step for me because, well, you get to hear my voice. I sound REALLY Texan in this one. While you won't actually see me, you will see my two boys. This video was taken four years ago, so they look different now, of course.

You will also get to see my messy house. Please do your best to ignore the pile of clothes you see on the floor? We actually don't live in this house anymore. We moved out this summer. Lots and lots and lots of diapers were changed there.

You will also get to see my kid getting caught chocolate-handed.


It was Christmas 2008 and I had the bright idea to have my then 4-year-old help me make a "birthday cake for Jesus". Someone I knew did the same thing and it sounded like a good idea. Surely this activity would help him remember "the reason for the season"? Maybe it would help him focus on others and not just the Toys 'R Us catalog?

I laugh out loud every time I watch this 40-second video, so I thought it was the giving, Christmas-y thing to do to pass the laugh on to you...

So, if your kid says he has not eaten any of the cake batter but his face is covered in it, then you know he's lying. That's my fail-proof way.

I guess that would only apply in this one situation, huh?

Man, I'm sorry.

Dang it.

Wouldn't it be great if there was always such obvious evidence paired with blatant lies all the time? We would never be fooled by anyone ever again! Especially our kids!

Are there ways you can tell your kid is lying?

Since I shared so much about my boys (and my messy house, too!), I will keep it going.
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Kerrye said... [Reply]

When I pick my son up from school, and ask him if he ate the sandwich I packed for him at lunch, and he says "Yes" - but the sandwich is still in his lunchbox, untouched... Pretty sure he's lying...

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said... [Reply]

My oldest is only four and luckily hasn't learned to lie. Yet. He's getting close though. If you ask him once he might try and fib but he will always tells the truth if you ask a second time.

Saimi said... [Reply]

I'm sure the video is absolutely adorable but my dang computer won't let me view it! Drat!!

We have a little trouble maker at preschool and bless his sweet heart, he's honest to a fault. He'll always admit when he gets caught doing something naughty.

He just can't help himself!

yourfriendrobin said... [Reply]

My older boy is so honest. He doesn't even know how to lie. My little guy is 2-1/2 and he doesn't think twice about letting a fib slip. My favorite was the other day when he was climbing on the two-gallon water jugs, I said, "Careful bud" (notice I did not even scold or tell him to stop) and his immediate answer while still on top of the bottles: "I didn't!"

anotherjennifer said... [Reply]

Hilarious. And that is so not how I pictured you talking. Not that I was picturing your talking when I read your blog posts. That would be weird.

Janine Huldie said... [Reply]

I must be doing something wrong, because I don't see any video at all on this post. That said my kids can lie with the best of the best of them, too. And by the way, loved the 3 year old boys excuses on NickMom and have a 3 year old little girl that could have truly written that one, too lol!!

Eva Gallant said... [Reply]

That video is priceless! lol

Debbie said... [Reply]

awwww - love it! lol

Shanna @ Motherhood on the Rocks said... [Reply]

He's so cute! Chocolate and all!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My sister saw bite marks in the butter so she asked her 3 year old daughter, "Sofia, did you eat the butter?" Sofia said, "No, Mommy. I didn't eat the butter." Without skipping a beat my sister asked, "did it taste nasty?" "Yes, Mommy, it was gross."

Melissa Prado said... [Reply]

Genius. :)

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