Top 6 Most Awesome and Ugly Must-Have Light-Up Christmas Sweaters Ever in the World (and a hilarious book + Kindle Fire giveaway!)

If you saw the "Ha Ha Holidays" graphic below already and thought "Ha Ha Hold on a second, it's not even Thanksgiving yet!", well simmer down. We (19 other bloggers and me...keep reading) are getting a little kick start on the red & green, but that doesn't mean I've got the Christmas lights streaming all through the Break Room yet. For one thing, none of you have offered to help to hold the ladder while I string the lights over that Coke machine. For another, I'm one of those who likes to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to put up all of my Christmas decorations. I just thought this little sign below was so super cute, I had to post it. Plus, well, this "giveaway" is going on right now. If I waited until after Thanksgiving, you'd be flat out of chances to win anything at all and I can't take any pouty faces walking around here.

Before we get to the giveaway, though, can we go back to the lights? And then combine that with Christmas sweaters?  (I took that blank stare to mean "yes", so I am proceeding onward.)

Are you a Christmas sweater kind of wearing girl (or guy)? Is a holiday party not complete without your sweater that proclaims, "I LIKE CHRISTMAS MORE THAN YOU, YOU LOSER! HAHAHAHA!!!"? Do you search high and low for the most Christmas-y Christmas sweater of all?

Well, look no further.

I have found quite a stash.

Although I haven't seen every Christmas sweater known to Mrs. Claus, I have taken the liberty to name these the Top 6 Most Awesome and Ugly Must-Have Light-Up Christmas Sweaters Ever In The World.

Sooooooooooo, good, right? I found them all at The Rusty Zipper.

Which one are you going to get??

Now, let's get back to the Ha Ha Holidays, shall we?

(Pretty please buy one of those sweaters, take your picture in it and send it to me.)
As I said, nineteen of your favorite mom humor bloggers had a meeting and we all agreed. There's a brand new book that we think you NEED to read this holiday season. The title says it all.

Spending The Holidays With People I Want To Punch In The Throat is a heartwarming (yes, really!) collection of hilarious holiday-themed personal stories and observations written by none other than Jen of the well-known blog People I Want To Punch In The Throat. If the holidays have you stressing about gift giving, cookie decorating, or where in the world to put your Elf on the Shelf, then you need to take a mommy time out and read a chapter or two.  So many parts of this book made me laugh out loud! (See the parts about Christmas caroling, her Christmas decorations-hoarding mom, her Chinese Christmas experience, her picture as one of two "sons" on Santa's lap and on and on and on....)And now you can have a chance to peruse the pages for free. Consider it our holiday gift to you. We are teaming up to give away 19 copies of the book. All you have to do is enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy! We promise that it is both endearing and hilarious.

Now you want your own copy right? Well, Jen generously donated an autographed copy to every blogger participating in this giveaway so that we could increase your chances to win. You can enter using the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

"But wait, that's not all!" we say in our best Price is Right announcer voice. We couldn't get a bunch of tech-savvy moms together for a book giveaway and not bring you an eReader, right?


So we are also giving away a Kindle Fire!

NINETEEN winners will receive a copy of Spending The Holidays With People I Want To Punch In The Throat and ONE lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire! What are you waiting for? Get clicking!


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said... [Reply]

One, I didn't know six sweaters that horrid existed. You need to host an ugly sweater holiday party. And take pics. Many.

Two, that's a lotta likes. Though I did already follow most of y'all, I hope you (as a collective group) show some like loving back. ;)

Shelly said... [Reply]

After looking at the sweaters, I am reminded of something my mom has drilled into me. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 said... [Reply]

I call the bottom center. Nothing says "crazy cat lady" quite like LEDs and wool.

Jen Piwtpitt said... [Reply]

I need to get my mom one of these. I think the bears with the glowing eyes would go best with her sweater that already plays Christmas music.

Robyn Welling said... [Reply]

I wish I'd had that kitten one for my video. Awesomeness. Oh well, it's probably not too late to order one on Amazon for the holidays!

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice That's a great idea! That website, The Rusted Zipper, has TONS of horrible sweaters! Thanks for entering the giveaway. Now, I am off to do some serious "liking" back!

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Shelly That is a good stance to take. I should take it more often!

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 Isn't that the truth? Those LEDs take it to a whole new level!

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Jen Piwtpitt Jen, seriously...the section of the book about your mom's house CRACKED ME UP. It was unbelievable! The number of place settings was crazy!

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Robyn Welling I am so glad you mentioned that video! I am going to watch it riiiiight now.

Eva Gallant said... [Reply]

There's something very wrong about those sweaters!!!!

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said... [Reply]

I like the one that has the demon wearing a Santa's hat on it.

Janine Huldie said... [Reply]

Ohman Kelley, one is uglier then the next and truly couldn't get much worse, huh?? Seriously, thanks for the laugh tonight and just can't believe the holidays are truly around the corner now.

Peiji said... [Reply]

I have never seen a light up Christmas sweater, my goodness lol :p
Something can go wrong with those sweaters...
very creepy, especially the ones where the lights
are the eyes, but I do like the first kitten sweater :p

Kelley said... [Reply]

@Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point That demon really gets you in the Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

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