If you HAD to live in one of these rooms, which one would you pick?? (And, it’s “Finding the Funny” time!)


Yes, it’s true, we are still homeless. Thankfully, my sister and brother-in-law haven’t placed us out on the curb yet but I suspect it won’t be long. They can only deal with hearing one son cry and cry and cry about the other one spitting in the bathtub for so long. Eventually, all kids crying about spit in a bathtub (when their bare behinds sit in the bathtub without a comment from either) get put out on the curb.

My sister’s actual curb, which is totally not soft.

So, we continue to look, since curbs aren’t great places to sleep.

In the midst of the stress (“This house has a roof! Can we please just get it already??”), we find ourselves being entertained by learning new terms, such as  “water closet” for the toilet in the restroom of the “owner’s retreat” and “morning room” for “breakfast room” (or, my least favorite word of all time, “breakfast NOOK”), as well as being entertained by the phrases realtors love to use like:

This kitchen is a chef’s dream!
(No matter how plain the kitchen may be…)
Look at this wall of windows!
(I’ll give it them. It’s a wall. It has windows.)
(Easy there, lady.)
(Quit bossing me around!.
A PERFECT kitchen for the chef in the family!
(Because every family has at least one graduate from a culinary school who doesn’t use a microwave.)
Plenty of natural light in this room!
(Well, I’ll be…)
Grand entry with soaring ceilings!!
(Is that a cloud trying to get in through that top window?)
PLENTY of room for a pool!!
(We like this one a lot. Many times the yard is as big as these three dots ***  and the website claims a pool will fit inside it easily. WE KNOW BETTER.)
Any yard could probably fit this pool inside it, so maybe we should just shut our yapper.
It is a good thing we try to see the humor in this journey. If it weren’t for pictures like the ones below that bring a smile to my face, I might have suggested that we just forget it all, go live in the woods and learn how to cook beetles. My husband actually keeps a folder on his smart phone of his favorite houses and rooms he has seen on HAR, a Houston area real estate website. Here are just a few:

I know I am taking a big risk here, since this could actually be your house. It’s just, well…that’s a lot of pink. Actually, mauve. Mauve. Mauve. Mauve. Green & mauve. Peach & country blue. Those were the big color couples of the 80s.

The owners of the mauve room own this room, too. Green & mauve. Can’t have one without the other. Extra bonus points to whoever can name the show they didn’t bother turning off on their TV. (I have no clue what show is on their TV, so bonus points will be extra easy to score. Just don’t say it’s The Cosby Show.)


Compared to other houses we have seen, this one is a little, well, busy. When the realtor told them to de-clutter, they said “How about you de-shutter your mouth and let us be?”
You know what? This room has a Pepto Bismol hue that I quite love. IT EVEN HAS PEPTO BISMOL PINK TILES. I need this realtor’s phone number.
Does this horse-y room have more of a Z Gallerie or Godfather feel? I can’t decide. All I know is that I am suddenly thirsty for Sprite.
If you HAD to have one of these exact rooms in your house, which one would you pick?
And now…
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