The Life Cycle of Kids’ Art (at least mine) AND “Finding the Funny”


I can tell just by looking at you that this never happens to you. I am willing to bet that you save every last piece of artwork your kid has ever created for you. You have them all filed in a file drawer in your home office.  Weekly you go through them and write sweet notes about what your child’s milestones were at the moment they drew, painted, chalked, colored, markered or penciled the masterpiece before you. Trying to really  make your child’s artwork stretch and bless others, you have even made several placemats out of them for family members. Those images not made into placemats have been either framed for your home, framed for family members or made into a calendar that you give to all of your extended family. Those that remain in the file folders are regularly visited and beamed upon.

You have never thrown a single piece of art created by your child in the trash can ever. In fact, the thought repulses you and you are having serious reservations even being on this blog at all because you fear I am going to suggest doing just that. You are very tempted and thiiiiiiiiiis close to just moving on to the next post on your list. If you are sticking around it’s because you want to see how the others half of humanity lives. The half that actually throws away a piece of work created by their very own child for their parent’s enjoyment. Work that has been disregarded and placed in a pile of GARBAGE. You. Are. Sick. About it.
I thank you for reading this far.
With the exception of a handful of pieces of artwork that I keep in a box for each child each year, this is generally…
(At least mine)

*You play dumb 2nd time around. And also 3rd. You get better at hiding with each repetition. Eventually, your kid wears you down and you give up. Your entire house then becomes covered in artwork, family tells you to can it with the artwork gifts and you appear on an episode of Hoarders. 

**Said while shaking off banana pieces (the 2nd time around).

(Please don’t hold this whole art issue against me. I “ooo” and “ahhh” in a really sweet and in an as-sincere-as-possible voice. Does that help at all?)


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