How I Love Megan From “Bridesmaids”, Let Me List The Ways…


Obviously, many loved Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids, because, like, she was nominated for an Oscar. She was HILARIOUS as Megan. So hilarious that I laugh out loud just thinking about her. She is on my mind tonight because we watched Bridesmaids this weekend. Again. My brother-in-law had never seen it before, so we stalked the Redboxes of the world looking for one still clutching the DVD inside it’s red metal belly. (Weird imagery, right?) The Redbox DVD is just not good enough, though. It won’t allow you to watch outtakes. THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART OF ANY COMEDY DVD. One of my favorite shows growing up was definitely “Bloopers and Blunders”. Remember that? I can only imagine how funny that would be in Bridesmaids.

My love for Megan is so real that I actually made a little chart to tell you why I adore her so… free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Actually, these are reasons I love Melissa McCarthy. The girl was shameless. I love shameless. She’s kind of like Will Ferrell-shameless. Oh, she’s shameless! Shameless as a girl can be! (All that shameless talk had me getting Garth Brooks-shameless. I can’t help myself. I live in Texas. Hello!)

All of that shameless talk leads me to a shameless plug…

-My post “My Top 7 Social Media Tips Wrapped Up In Fortune Cookies” is being featured over at The SITS Girls’ website today. I would do split leaps if you’d check it out.

-My post The Rules To Playing Candy Land, As Written By a 3-year-old” was re-featured over at NickMOM last week, so if you haven’t yet check that out and you decided to do that right now, I’d do split leaps AND I’d top that off with a shuffle-ball-change.

(Did I ever tell you I heart Megan?)

(Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?)

(And that I love to do shuffle-ball-changes in my dress shoes?)


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