The Top 3 Things I Hated About Camping That Had Nothing To Do With Tents, Dirt or Mosquitoes


Today I am over at Four Plus An Angel talking about the Top 3 Things I Hated About Camping That Had Nothing To Do With Tents, Dirt or Mosquitoes.

Jessica, the author behind this awesome blog, asked me to write about a fun/favorite summer memory and I go and bring the word “hate” into it. Gah.

Here’s the deal: I don’t hate camping. I actually LIKE camping. I even like camping IN TENTS. So, this memory about the three things I hated is actually a good memory. Sort of. I enjoyed the time I spent with my family. I just hated these three things.

You’ll see.

While you are reading my little story, you’ll notice that you are over at a blog that is more serene than mine. Jessica is the author behind Four Plus An Angel and just exudes, I don’t know…kindness. Sincerity. Emotion. Her blog is truly an inspiration. She writes all sorts of uplifting posts, but some will bring tears to your eyes. If you are not familiar with Jessica and her story, you’ll want to spend some time reading about Hadley. Her story can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the blog. Hadley is Jessica’s angel and she is beautiful. You can also read more about Jessica’s other four beautiful children, including one with autism.

If you need a ride to Jessica’s place, you can click here. Don’t worry about putting on your seatbelt, because, like, blogs don’t have seatbelts. (You really thought blogs had seatbelts? WOW.)


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