Embarrassing Stories That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. Promise.


Back in March, I wrote the post “Top 9 Most Embarrassing Things My Kid Has Said About a Stranger Who’s Standing About Four Inches Away From Us” for NickMom. On a weekly basis, new comments are added to this post. It has been shared on Facebook 753 times! Apparently, we all know some stories about kids saying embarrassing things. I haven’t even gotten through half of the stories, but I fully intend to do that soon. I definitely encourage you to do the same! They are soooo funny. As I was reading through them, some just really made me laugh out loud. My face hurts right now even! I thought I’d share some with you…

Picture from NickMom.
#1: My 3 year old son and I were visiting our neighbor, Mr. Nelson, who had just had his leg amputed. My son always carried his stuffed animal with a missing leg with him. Mr. N asked what the toy’s name was and, after careful consideration, my son answered…….Mr. Nelson. Mrs. Nelson nearly fell out of her chair laughing.” (Megan Farrell)

#2: “When my daughter was ‘newly’ potty trained, I was using the restroom at the mall. She gets the toilet paper for me and when I say ‘thank you’ and try to take it from her she says (loudly), “No, Mommy, bend over and I will wipe you.” She was so proud of herself for trying to help me. My face was red and I could hear chuckles all around me.” (Nichole Trexler)
#3: “My brother was about 4 years old, when at church one evening after the collection, he stood on the pew and said, “We paid, can we go now?” (Kathi Manteuffel Seidl)
#4: My grandson was about 3-years-old when we went to visit his aunt at a rest home. There was a lady there with one leg in a wheel chair. He kept trying to look up her pant leg and I asked him what he was looking for. He asked the lady, “What happened to your leg?” She told him, “I ate too much candy and they took it.” His eyes got big and his mouth formed a perfect O. My granddaughter was there and said, “I ain’t eatin’ no more candy!” (Terry Thomas)
#5: I know I’m late to the game, but how about this one: When my son was about three, he walked up to another mom who was sitting on the ground, grabbed her breasts, and loudly asked, “Are these your breasts? Are they private on you, too?” I just wanted a hole to swallow me up. (Rachel Wolfson Thomas of the blog, “Miss Rachel”.)
#6: “I was visiting an aquarium and had stopped to look at an exhibit, and I heard a little girl of 3 or 4 nearby say, “Oh look, a little Mama.” I happen to be very petite and have dealt with jokes and comments all my life – too many not so nice. However, this absolutely was the sweetest comment I had ever received about my height. It was an honest observation. It was innocent – there was no guile, evil intent, or insult intended. It was truly the pure innocence of a child and I had to smile.” (Barbara Corry)
#7: “We were in a clinic waiting room filled with people when an edlerly man came in and sat down across from us. Our son had just lost his first tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy the night before. He was showing and telling eveyone there about his tooth and his quarter. The elderly man looked across at me, smiled and winked, then proceeded to remove his false teeth and give our son a big grin. Our son’s eyes got really huge and he blurted out, “Wow, you got lots of money from the tooth fairy!” Everyone in the waiting room exploded with laughter. The elderly man was tickled pink and said that was the best laugh he had had all day.” (Pamela Tovar)
#8: My son Bradley (then age 3) was going to a pre-daycare and had a little friend named Adam that he loved to play cars and color with. They got along just great until one day I got a call from the school telling me to come and pick-up Bradley because there had been an “incident with another child.” Naturally worried I drove to the school expecting the worse. I got there and both Bradley, Adam along with Adam’s mother were waiting in the office. I was then informed that my son had actually Bit Adam three times! I was stunned, as my son had never done this before and really liked Adam. So, I asked him why he would do such a thing to his friend. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and replied ever so innocently, “I wanted to see if he tasted like chicken!” Adam’s mother and even the principal started to laugh! (Missi Lynn Bonness-Artist)
#9: When I was in fourth grade, it was open house night at school. I went to visit my third grade teacher whom I loved. When I walked in her room, it was full of parents and kids, she was standing in the middle. I walked up to her, gave her a hug, and loudly proclaimed, “Hey! You wore the same dress last year!” She turned beet red, pulled me to the side, and then quietly explained that some people cannot afford to buy new clothes all the time. I’m 26, and I still cringe and cover my face in shame when I think about that. (Aundrea Bailey)
Do you have a favorite??


You can find my original post and all of the stories here. It’s been fun to see people post it on their Facebook walls and hear hilarious stories from their friends about the embarrassing things kids say.


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