MWF Seeks Moving Advice


Instead of spending time in front of the computer like I once did reading your blogs, laughing at your blogs, reading your tweets, retweeting your tweets, starring your tweets, reading your Facebook posts, commenting on your status updates and pinning things on Pinterest like I just learned to do not too long ago, I’m:

  • cleaning every nook and cranny (ew, right?) of my house
  • gutting out closets
  • putting toys at the bottom of boxes that I know my kids will ask about the very next day even though they never play with it
  • putting a gazillion hanging baskets everywhere outside
  • wishing hanging baskets came with their own sprinkler system
  • wishing we had a sprinkler system
  • watering grass that was just put in yesterday
  • watering grass for an hour because we have to keep moving the sprinkler
  • turning on the water sprayer while the spout is pointed towards my face (that happened this morning)
  • trying to rush and water the inside plants but putting too much water in them and having to mop up the river that quickly forms in my hallway and snapping at my husband “I WAS JUST WATERING THE PLANTS!”¬†when he asks, “What happened??”
  • telling my kids to just “go play” and million times even though I know most of their toys are nowhere to be found
  • learning how to pronounce frieze
  • wondering if frieze carpet will go out of style next week
  • trying to will someone to come look at our house the moment we put it on the market and hoping that someone isn’t a complete weirdo
  • stuffing books in my bra drawer when I hear the realtor at the door
  • feeling bad that I’m not using all the realtors suggested to me by friends
  • eating off paper plates and paper cups, even though I prefer the real thing
  • eating too much frozen food because I can’t mess up the kitchen
  • being grouchy because I’m stressed
  • wishing I could just read your blogs and tweets
  • wondering how people move over and over again, especially with lots of pets or kids
  • missing my house already
  • getting teary-eyed thinking about how excited I was when I first bought the house
  • getting teary-eyed remembering that I brought both of my baby boys home here
  • getting teary-eyed because I can’t get the water stains off the dadgum shower stall
  • becoming overly excited when someone suggests Dawn and vinegar or lemon oil wax to clean the shower stall and anticipating the result once I try it
  • being proud of the grout in my kitchen that I slaved over with baking soda, water and a tile brush
  • staring longingly at my books that I can’t read because I collapse in bed from exhaustion at night
  • thinking UHAUL charges a lot for their boxes
  • stopping by the nutrition store that advertises “CHEAP BOXES!!!” and walking away with 100 small shoeboxes and some fish oil that I didn’t want to buy but that cooky lady at the counter wouldn’t quit hawking it so now it’s mine
  • remembering that I still need to gut out some of the attic so that new buyers can see all the space it offers
  • looking on-line at houses, houses, houses and more houses
  • praying about WHERE TO MOVE EXACTLY
  • feeling strong as I move boxes but knowing I am not
  • sweating
  • sweating
  • sweating
  • being mean to my husband and kids when I don’t mean to and hoping they’ll forgive me
  • missing my neighbors already
  • putting my hair in a ponytail
  • appreciating that I have a home at all with plants to water and food to store and people to love
  • appreciating YOU and the fact that you stop by here even though I’ve been the sorriest blog friend in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD
  • hoping you know that I will be back like before once that sign gets stuck in the yard, we find a house and MOVE!

So, yeah, any advice you can give me about not becoming a crazy lady who wants to forget it all and live in the cardboard box up there with a water bottle and some crackers, please…let me hear it.


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