Finding the Funny #15: The 1st Annual Matchy-Matchy Real Estate Couples’ Pageant


Before we jump right into The 1st Annual Matchy-Matchy Real Estate Couples’ Pageant, I’d first like to announce that I was nominated as a…
by Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect!  This obviously means those lovely people haven’t seen me drop my oldest son off at school in my pajama pants yet. And sunglasses.  I heart sunglasses. The person looking at you never knows if your eye make-up is perfect, if it is not on at all or if you remembered to put in your right glass eye. Sunglasses don’t help bed head, though. Dagnabbit.

Anyway, I’m so excited and grateful for this pretty little badge, even though I have never really thought of myself as an exclusive “mama blogger”. You don’t even know my kids’ names! Or what they look like! Or what they eat for breakfast in the morning! Or how they’re doing in school! Or if they remember to wipe the seat after they’re finished in the bathroom! I mean, my last post was about mascara wands and the one before that was about pillows. I’m pretty random, but…I am a mother that is a blogger. So, I will gratefully take that badge and get it made it into a car decal to stick right on the driver’s side door, like one of those real estate agents.

 On May 10th, I will have my debut over at ParentsConnect where they will pimp my post “9 Tips for Being a Super Sexy Mama”, which you may have already read here.

So, why am I mentioning this to you now?

Well, there’s a party going over at ParentsConnect that you might just want to crash! It’s called “Sexy Mama Boot Camp” and it will be going on from now until the end of May. Every day that you stop by the boot camp and make a comment on the “Sexy Mama” posts, which are meant to make you feel less hot mess and more hot mama, you are entered to win a bedroom makeover from Awesome, right?

That’s why I’m telling you about it now. Starting chiming in over there and you may find yourself in a brand new bedroom soon! Even better than that, you might find yourself with some awesome new blogs to read and some awesome new readers of your stuff, too. Catch a free ride to the boot camp by clicking here.
And now I present to you…
The Matchy-Matchy Real Estate Couples’ Pageant!!!

Since I brought up hotness and real estate agents in this post, I decided to hold a little pageant in the Break Room. Please take a look at the gallery of matchy-matchy husband and wife real estate teams that I have acquired. I’m very proud of this gallery. I have every single one of these happy couples’ pictures and others like them in regal frames adorning every square inch of open space on my living room walls.  It’s like being at a fancy art museum, I tell you. Or in Rome. Or maybe even Paris.

Which one of these couples should we crown King & Queen of the Matchy-Matchy Real Estate Couples’ Pageant? This is quite the honor, so please take your time deciding! The winners will get a free sitting at Glamour Shots and a $500 gift certificate from JC Penney’sjustkidding!

Autumn and David from Pigeon Forge, TN.
Ronnie & Cathy. I have no idea what state they’re from, do you?

Tom & Joann Jacobs from Tallahassee, FL.

Eric & Janelle Boyenga from Cupertino, CA.
Jonathan & Natalie Lee from Atlanta.

Kay & Walt Covert from Manzanita, OR.
(They’re actually wearing one large shirt.)

Which matchy-matchy couple deserves to win??

(Pssst…if you know of a matchy-matchy real estate couple in your area, or better yet, if you are a part of one, please share the link with me! I’d love to start a little gallery here in the Break Room. Some of the Break Room walls are just so bare. I’ll hang the matchy-matchy real estate couples’ pictures up near the list of my “-een/-ine” names. Such odd things bring me joy, yes?)

And finally…
Post your funny new stuff. Post your funny old stuff.
We want to read it.

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