Life Cycle of the Shoe: A Flowchart (and Finding the Funny #17!)


Today I am just going to share a little graph I made with you.  I know your time is valuable and you have lots of blogs you’d like to read, including the ones from “Finding the Funny” below. On top of that, you probably have papers to staple, dishes to clean, bosses to meet, diapers to change, food to eat, lists to read, words to highlight, karate moves to practice, jazz hands to perfect, grass to mow, baseballs to catch, high-fives to give, books to read, TV screens to dust, lights to turn off, nails to polish, eyebrows to pluck, newspapers to recycle, Ozarka water bottles to switch out, clothes to fold, copies to make, cookies to bake, tweets to star/read/RT, birds to feed, Facebook updates to like, pools to clean, MC Hammer pants to buy, envelopes to seal, e-mail to check, websites to pin, Twizzlers to eat, spices to organize, mail to check, opera songs to sing, hip-hop dance routines to make up, etc. So, I wanted to give you something short and sweet. Feel free to replace the tennis shoes with flip-flops and the heels with some wedges.


Anna and I are thrilled to be hosting this hilarious party!

Link up an old or new post that you think is funny – and link up as many times as you want! And if you’re looking for a laugh, visit some of the other blogs and let them know you came from the “Finding the Funny” party!

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Also, starting this week, we are having one of you share your top 5 favorites. Today Anna from Random Handprints is sharing the 5 that made her laugh the most. Go HERE to see if yours is on her list!

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