Does this VHS tape belong to you??

Knowing that you love VHS tapes the way you do, I thought this might belong to you. I know it doesn't belong to me. (We still use Beta.)

Scroll down a little to see it. I didn't want to shock you with the picture right away. This may really hurt your heart. I feel terrible.

If this Antz VHS tape is yours, well, I'm sorry, man. I ran over it in the Target parking lot. I didn't see it until after I heard a crunch. I thought it was a very, very large roach at first. I was relieved to see that I hadn't killed such a precious creature, but then sad, too, because, well, I know how much you love Antz.

I posted that picture on Instagram. I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram now.
I took a picture of this crazy Pharmacy. On Sunday nights, that place goes wild. Arrive on time and leave whenever! Party rockin' in CVS tonight!! Everything's gonna be alright!! (See? No closing time?)

I also took a picture of the place Noah bought all of his supplies a long, long, long time ago. Can you believe it is still standing?? I'm still waiting to hear back from National Geographic. Surely this one will make the front cover. Fingers crossed, anyway.

If we aren't following each other on Instagram and you like pictures like these,  you can find me at @kelleysbreakrm. I completely understand if you'd rather run in the other direction.

Although I'd like for you to follow me on Instagram, I'd LOVE for you to follow me over to NickMom today. I have two posts up right now. One came up on April 26th, but I didn't realize it until today. The other one just  came up today. You all are SO awesome for being supportive of my stuff over there! I appreciate it more than you know.

Disclaimer: You'll see a few words in that post that were tossed in over at NickMom prior to "going live". I am only pointing this out in case my mother is reading this blog post right now and wondering if she should wash my mouth out with soap.

Disclaimer: I don't really have one. I just didn't like the first article getting a disclaimer without this one getting one, too. It would be unbalanced, you know?

Big hugs and virtual high-fives to everyone that stops by over there!! Thank you! 


XLMIC said... [Reply]

Your pictures made me laugh :) Thx!

XLMIC said... [Reply]

Hhahahahahah! Those two posts made me laugh, too!!!!! So glad I clicked over there! You forgot about making sure you get that ice cream sandwich card as early on in the game as possible even if it means rifling through the whole deck...all sneaky-like ;-)

Paige Kellerman said... [Reply]

Noooooooo! Do you know how long it took me to find a VHS of AntZ? The family will be devastated.

Abby said... [Reply]

Whew! I'm actually kind of relieved, as I was scared I was going to scroll down and see the VHS was either a Denise Austin or Gilad workout video. THEN I would have been crushed.

I don't Instagram, but I wish someone would Instagram me so I could look fancy.

Alison@Mama Wants This said... [Reply]

Hahaha awesome pictures!! I just downloaded Instagram a couple of weeks ago and er, haven't really used it. Or know how to follow anyone. I'll look into it I promise!

Saimi said... [Reply]

You just ran over a antique..VHS...Wow do they even still make those things??

Those signs are great. Good to know the pharmacy is open ended on Sundays!

What's a Instagram anyway??

Shelly said... [Reply]

That was a great laugh this morning- that's why I always love coming over here!

Natalie said... [Reply]

Ha ha that poor VHS lost its was a good life...

Kate said... [Reply]

Not only do we still have quite a few VHS tapes, but we are DVR-less and have to do our TV show recording on (gasp) VHS.

Craziness abounds said... [Reply]

Now I have to got read it! With a disclaimer like that it's almost criminal not to! lol

Desperate Housemommy said... [Reply]


1) Instagram frightens me. I can't put my finger on why.

2) I heart VHS taps. All of our family's Disney movies are on VHS, as is my favorite Step Reebok workout routine. The one I do when I'm wearing my leotard with the belt.

3) I've missed you, Kel. Heading over to check out your other works of genius riiiiiiiight now. xo

Katie said... [Reply]

I have an OBSESSION with taking pictures of signs missing letters. It all started many years ago when I saw a sign at Burger King that said, (no lie) "Now hiring losers"
I assume that they meant CLOSERS (but can't be sure) and I didnt have a camera with me. Now that sign lives deep in layers of my memory. It's sad really. It would be a great FB profile header. Lesson learned though. I now have about 50 pictures on my phone of signs missing letters. I LOVE it! None of them are as good as HIRING LOSERS though. :/
about the Antz vhs, the good news is that it can cheaply and easily be replaced from any garage sale "FREE" box!

Yvonne said... [Reply]

You always make me laugh! :)

Susan in the Boonies said... [Reply]

There's a reason you call it
Am I right?

Either you BREAK it,
or if it's broken,
you take a picture of it, yes?

My Inner Chick said... [Reply]

--The VHS deserves that.


But YOU are Awesome. <3

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