Come celebrate with the Kelley's Break Room choir!

This week, I noticed that there were 666 followers of the Break Room via Google  Friend Connect.  The 666th follower was a man named Alex. Alex, where are you? I clicked on your GFC picture and I see you with a precious little baby.  The image was too small, so I couldn't use it in the choir picture below. The choir needs you Alex. You are what inspired the choir! At the moment, you are the smiling yellow thumbs-up face.  Anyway, in an effort to ward off Satan's presence in the Break Room, I created the very first "Kelley's Break Room" choir with the new GFC followers yesterday.  I am so excited to introduce them to you!!

Right in the center is #667 Robyn of Hollow Tree Ventures! Robyn writes a funny, funny blog and is a great supporter in the blogosphere.  I love the pictures she captions and the charts she creates, like this one about how social media drives her crazy. You'll definitely want her on your team!

To Robyn's right (our left) is #668 Kristine of Wait in the Van. Kristine is a New York transplant now living in Texas (yeeehaw!!!), writes a hilarious blog AND also writes for The Mouthy Housewives. She once wrote a tweet about Bill Nye the Science Guy that got shared a gazillion times on Twitter. I also just noticed that she recommends the Break Room to her readers on the right side of her blog. She must've been following me via a feed, but decided to go the extra mile and follow me via GFC, too. Thanks, Kristine! I'm tearing up over here!!

Continuing around the little circle we find Jeanne of Patricia from Worst Mom Ever. I recently began reading her blog when I found it via our Wednesday link-up, "Finding the Funny". She is a fun homeschooling mom who writes about her cute family. She shares lots of good recipes and stories about her busy life with her family.

On Patricia's right is Alex, the yellow smiling face dude.  I want a better picture of Alex. If you are reading this right now, Alex, please comment below. I'd love a link to your blog and a better picture of you. You are in the choir, after all!

On Robyn's left (our right) is Jeanne of Life in Cleveland. Jeanne is brand-new to me, but I look forward to reading her blog! She is a retired architect who used to go on 3-day hikes to places like Machu Picchu before having her cute children and writing about them while living in her favorite city of Cleveland, Ohio.

So, that's the choir.

We will be traveling all around the country singing all kinds of songs, including "Amazing Grace", "Lookin' for Love (in all the wrong places)" and "Party Anthem (in the house toniiiiiight)", so please look for us at your local bank, grocery store and cleaners. Be sure to look for me in the choir leader's robe:

Our very first debut will be in Rockefeller Center. We are going to do our best to sing really loudly while the Good Morning America people go about their business outside with the crowd. We are hoping to draw enough attention with our rendition of Madonna's "Holiday" that the camera pans over to us and the entire Good Morning America crowd circles around us.

Why Madonna's "Holiday"? Why are we singing the "CELEBRATE!!!" part really, really, really loudly? It's because I'm being featured over at ParentsConnect today!

You may remember my silly post "9 Tips for Being a Sexy, Sassy Mama" that I posted last week. That post was written for ParentsConnect as a part of their "Sexy Mama Bootcamp". When you go to the ParentsConnect post about Kelley's Break Room HERE and make a comment in the thread, you will be entered in the Bedroom Makeover giveaway. You know I'd be thrilled to see your faces over there. Thanks for your support!!

Oh, and one more thing, when you're finished commenting, I hope you will buy a taxi cab ride, bus, plane, subway or train ticket over to Rockefeller Center in NYC to hear the Kelley's Break Room choir. By the time you arrive, we will probably be singing "Cherish the Love" by Kool & the Gang. Maybe after we're done, we can all go eat pizza and see the Statue of Liberty.

Click HERE for a free ride to ParentsConnect!


Susan in the Boonies said... [Reply]

I left you a nice comment over there today, Kel.
And by the way?
I sing like an angel.
In fact, I'm planning on trying out for a solo.
It doesn't have to be a big one.
I just need my little moment in the spotlight.
Like Ethel Merman.

robyn said... [Reply]

I'm warming up my vocal cords by singing C&C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now" on karaoke. I have some dance moves to run by you, too - I think the folks at GMA would be crazy not to stop their show and just film us instead. ;)

Shelly said... [Reply]

I think that choir is destined for greatness!

Paula @lkg4sweetspot said... [Reply]

Woo hoo - let's get the party started! lol!!

Patricia Purcell said... [Reply]

Oh I hope we do get on national TV! My kids would be sooo happy to see me singing with the choir. Really, they'll tell all their friends to watch because they'll be so proud!

Kelly Sheehy said... [Reply]

I'll be watching for you guys on TV! :)
Great song selection, you guys will rock!

Sourire11 said... [Reply]

Hilarious! Especially if you heard my singing voice... arugh. Although I do know all the words to Celebrate so....

Congrats on your parents connect post! Very cool.

Eva Gallant said... [Reply]

I hope when you're rich and famous, you'll still remember us little guys!

Lazarus said... [Reply]

Awesome! The posts keep getting better and more entertaining. I can't wait for Kelly & Kelley to replace Regis & Kelly, makes sense!

Yvonne said... [Reply]

maybe you can google "creams" and find one for your hands, that will match your face? lol sometimes i wear the wrong shade of foundation and i end up looking like a ghost, while the rest of me is dark. scawy!

Saimi said... [Reply]

Well I know I'll never make the choir cut, I'm still in preschool singing songs like, "I'm a little teapot, Itsy bitsy spider and If you're happy and you know it."

At least I can clap with the best of them!!

I'll be sure to check out the blogs I'm always up for good entertaining reading!!

Alex said... [Reply]

So...even though most (all) of my friends would agree that me joining a choir is a bad idea, I'm in!

I don't have a blog but you can go to my wife Karine's blog (2U, Love Mom.) for a bigger picture of me - she's the one who told me about yours!

Here's the link to the post with my picture...
2U, Love Mom. - post with picture

See you in New York!

Karine said... [Reply]

1) I had read the previous post and this post and had NO clue that The Alex was my Alex.... so weird. Although I'm not that surprised that he would be 666....

2) I highly doubt that you would want him singing... at all. Not even in the shower. The thought of him joining a choir makes me actually cringe.

3) You look totally legit in your choir robes... you know, minus the whole hand situation!

As always: Love it!

Cindi said... [Reply]

Cclearing throat, warming up, ahem; me, me, me, me, me, me ... likes the new choir. (LoL)

The Dolls Are Alright said... [Reply]

You just made my day. I'm an invisible friend for Life In Cleveland and that's how I found you ... and glad I did ... you put a big ole smile on my face!

Craziness abounds said... [Reply]

I want to join the choir! Ok fine! I won't but you could at least ask me to cary your stuff like a pack mule. No that's a bad idea! I'd miss a crack in the side walk and break your stuff. Fine I'll just listen from afar. Glad you liked my post today even though it was mushy. :)

My Inner Chick said... [Reply]

You are Beautiful. Xxx

Can I join your choir, too !! <3

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