Finding the funny. Have you seen it?


My oldest son is addicted to his bike.  He’s coming down with LanceArmstrongoliosis, I think.  If my 7-year-old doesn’t get to ride his bike for at least a little bit after school each day, he feels like the day wasn’t complete.   Most days, it works out that he can ride his bike. Some days, though, we have errands to run and things to do and we don’t get home until it is already dark.  Even if owls are shooting past our ears and bats are whizzing past our noses hungry for a metric ton of mosquitoes and all human life has retreated indoors, my sons will ask with a straight face if they can go ride their bikes and then play in the dirt in the backyard.

Besides becoming the next Gary Larson (kidding!) and sharing my dumb cartoon today, I also wanted to share with you that today is “finding the funny”, a link-up I’m co-hosting with Anna from My Life and Kids on Wednesdays.  If you link-up here, it shows up on her site and vice versa.  The main point of this link-up is to share funny or humorous or amusing posts that have either been written recently or written as far back as when you were a toddler, or possibly even a newborn.  They can be about any topic!  This is a really great time for me, and for you, to read blogs that we have never seen or may not read on a regular basis for whatever reason.  I mean, we’re all not machines, people. Amirite? We just can’t read all that we want to read every single day, which means some really great stuff gets written all the time that we never see and that you never see!! Ahhhh!!! The thought of it!  It hurts my heart.  So, please, take a second to post a link to your site below and check out the blog just before or after yours, at least.  Spread the love! (By the way, I’m going to read every last one of those suckers.)

*If you talk about it on Twitter, please use the hashtag #findingthefunny.  Thank you!*

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