The Truth About Legos


Today, my friends, I have two things to share with you.  The first is this graph about Legos at my house.  I think it explains itself.

The Truth About Legos

The second thing to share with you is the link to my NickMom post from yesterday.  NickMom is the new humor website by Nickelodeon.  You may have already seen my link to it on Facebook and Twitter yesterday.  If this is the second time you are seeing this, I am sorry and am forever in your debt.  If we are together and I see a puddle, I will drape my coat over it so you can cross the street with dry shoes in an attempt to apologize.  The post is called “I Wish I Could Be Like: The Mother from A Christmas Story“.  It is basically the picture you see, but with several bullet points about why I wish I could be that mother.  Your support means a lot!  Having you over there, even if it is just via a quick click HERE, makes me want to give you a high five.  No, a hug.  Maybe a high five and a hug?  No, better yet, a high five, hug and a fist bump.  No, let’s just go back to the high five.  Fist bumps are just not me.  Fist bumps and I don’t mix.  It’s like fist bumps are oil and I’m water.  You know?   We don’t mi…  Ohhhhh, you got it already.  Alright, alright, alright. 

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