My Unofficial Compton Vacation Guide for 2012


As you think about places you’d like to take your happy family in 2012, have you considered packing everyone up, flying in the opposite direction of Disney World and visiting Compton, Calfornia?  Surely, you’ve heard the songs singing it’s praises from NWA and Tupac’s “California Love”?  People out there LOVE Compton and, so, I see no reason why it shouldn’t become a popular vacation spot for us all.  If you get on the official website for the city, it is clear that the citizens of Compton are trying to portray a different image than the one we all might imagine from songs like “Straight Outta Compton”.  Actually, their official website touts it as a place to “live, work and raise a family”. 

This nice family is absolutely LOVING the city of Compton!

So, here is a brief vacation guide for you to consider:


Ramada Inn- A customer on left this raving review copied word-for-word: 地理位置方便,床非常舒适。另外.  How can you go wrong with that place, huh?  Did you see what they said?  Nothing but good things!

Crystal Park Inn and Casino- I have taken the liberty to feature just some of the headlines to the reviews from to help you make your decision to come to Compton easier: “Good Bingo night out!”, “Nasty”, “Do not stay here.”, “Dirty, dirty, dirty.”, “Hate it.”, “Crystal Park, worst hotel ever.”  Wow, they really like it there!


Celebrity Helicopter Day Tours: There were only two reviews for this attraction in Compton that uses a helicopter that flies you over The Olympic Stadium, Hollywood Bowl, Dodgers Stadium, Staples Centre and nods toward the homes of the stars.  Here is one of the raving reviews of this hot spot:  “Ich hatte über DER-Tour einen Flug am 21.4.11 gebucht. Statt der vereinbarten Abholung um 10 Uhr kamen Sie um 12:15 und dazwischen erfolgte eine Lüge nach der anderen (das Wetter, der Stau, usw). Wir waren dann genervt und mit dem…”  Amazing review, right??  I’m pretty sure they loved it!

Historical Landmarks: Heritage House, Angeles Abbey Cemetery, Eagle Tree, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Woodlawn Cemetery

Celebrity Home Tour: Now, I don’t know if there IS such a thing, but, I bet if you ask around, you can probably find someone that knows where these famous west coast rappers lived at one time.  If there isn’t anyone who is willing to help, do some research yourself and start a side business or something.  These famous rappers are from Compton:

Dr. Dre


Ice Cube…is not from Compton.  He’s from
South Central LA.  Everyone knows that, silly!


Pretty sure the most famous place to eat is Bludso’s BBQ. 
Also, Dale’s Donuts.

So, cancel your trips to Disney World, Time Square, Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon and get your little behinds to Compton before their hotels book up.

 Stay tuned for more of my unofficial vacation guides in 2012 to overlooked, under-traveled vacation spots in the United States.  There’s more to life than Orlando! If you have any towns to suggest, please let me hear them!



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