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Do you think Crystal Gayle will ever donate her long, long hair to Locks of Love, the organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children with long-term medical hair loss?

Check. Out. That. Hair.
Source: Erichovo Faschion Blog

I guess she didn’t.  It looks like that mane just kept getting trimmed.  Locks of Love has probably been SALIVATING over Rapunzel Gayle’s hair for a very, very long time.  In fact, I recently saw the picture below in the Nashville News Gazette Inquirer Sentinel that kind of proves me right.

Pink Pants is about to be Locked Up For Love, youknowhatI’msayin?

The scary scene above apparently took place at a photo shoot in Nashville. I’m not sure how that “Locks of Love” weirdo in hot pink pants got access to the studio. I bet Crystal Gayle was scared, but you’d never know it!  The lady can smile while being threatened with VERY LARGE scissors!  I guess all those years in show business have brought some strange people across her path.  She knows how to deal with all kinds.

SIDENOTE: I’m really confused.  Didn’t she have a song with the
line “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue“?  Her eyes ARE blue.

I’m really thinking that Locks of Love should expand their business with a smaller company called Lint for Love.  Think about all the lint that we clean out of our dryers.  Couldn’t some of that be put to good use instead of thrown away?   Couldn’t it be used as stuffing for pillows, mattresses, couch cushions, fat suits on movie sets, padded bras, car seats and Thanksgiving stuffing?  You know…to provide it with some more substance?  No?  Another idea?  Put it inside a bounce house-like enclosure, except the kids get to frolick in lint instead of jumping up and down like orangutans on huge air mattresses.  I mean, that’s been done countless times before.  Lint Houses may be the hot new thing for birthday parties!

From Blog/Nadeem Hadairy


Apparently, developing alternate uses for lint is not a new idea.  Here are some actual things people do with leftover lint found over at DIY Life that Lint for Love could help expand: stuffing for stuffed animals, addition for the compost heap, art (some have been known to make paper from it), cushion small items for shipping, non-edible lint-based clay (instead of paper-mache) and you can also stuff it in old tube socks and use it as a draft stopper.  Clever, huh??

Maybe it has to be a requirement.  The hair donation won’t be acceptable unless it is accompanied with a big wad of lint.  The big Locks of Love warehouse in West Palm Beach will have one side full of human hair and the other side with lint.  Nice image, right?  Maybe after the kids get tired out from jumping in the Lint House, they can take a tour of the Locks & Lint for Love warehouse.  I bet they have a party room that wouldn’t cost much to rent!

The only drawback to Locks of Love taking on Lint for Love as a side business is that it will give people more reasons to feel bad about themselves for not donating.  You see when people tell me their donating their tresses to needy people, this is how I feel:

Source for the lady’s hair: Pile of Photos.

(By the way, I’m the black dot.)


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