Today, We Salute You: Ms. Lady-Who-Advertises-Outside-All-Day-By-Holding-A-Store-Sign!!


Oh, how this picture brings me joy.  I love it with my heart and soul.  This sweet lady deserves to be added to the list of ladies we have saluted in the Break Room in the past (click HERE), as she salutes the cars that pass her.  Will you join me?

*Sing to the tune of the Real Men of Genius commercials from B-dwesier…*


(Overly Dramatic 80’s Background Singer Guy: Reeeeeeallllllll Women of Geniuuu-uuuus!!!)
Today we salute YOU, Ms. Lady-Who-Advertises-Outside-All-Day-By-Holding-A-Store-Sign!
(“Ms. Lady-Who-Advertises-Outside-All-Day-By-Holding-A-Store-Sign!!!”)
It’s 7:00 in the morning and you’ve got to get dressed FAST.  The store is waiting on you to grab their gigantic advertisement and get out on that street curb ASAP.  So, as fast as you can, you slide on your Statue of Liberty costume or polo with the store logo or large coffee cup outfit and dash out the front door.
(Big-big-big-sign, mama’s-comin!)
As you screech to a halt in front of the store, you can see Ned fuming from behind the glass wall.  You are 3 minutes late and those 3 minutes could have meant EVERYTHING.  THE customer could have driven right by moments ago…but you missed him.  Feeling as sorry as dirt underneath a very large pig’s rear end, you rush out of your car, run to the door, grab the sign from cranky Ned and are in the grassy median inhaling exhaust fumes in seconds.  There’s a reason Ned hired you and this makes you smile.  You’re ready to make Ned proud.
(Does Ned notice I’m jumping up and down like I’m on fiiiii-hhhhhhiiii-iiiiiiiire?!?!?)
Slowly, cars begin making their way into the parking lot, though 80% of them are going to the Starbucks nextdoor.  While you are wondering if you can get a cut of their profits for bringing in some business, you keep smiling widely, never stop jumping and continue to wave the sign that is as big as a ten story building with all the strength that your arms can muster, all while casting menacing glances at the guy across the street with his earphones on halfheartedly trying to get people to sell their gold.
So, keep standing out there in the unbearable heat or cold all year-round for the well-being of that store and know that YOUR commitment to marketing is the REAL reason we go inside your store at all.  (We’ll tell Ned.)
Ms. Lady-Who-Advertises-Outside-All-Day-By-Holding-A-Store-Siiiiiignnnnnnn!!!!!!!
We’re not saluting the men here.  I just wanted to point out that
even celebrities aren’t too good to advertise on street corners in crazy costumes!

Houston Area (North/Northwest)

Speaking of food & music, today’s Juice In the City deal is for $30 worth of food for only $15 at Mia Bella Trattoria in Vintage Park at Louetta & 249.  The last time I was there, a man was outside singing Lionel Richie tunes.  Who doesn’t love Lionel Richie and really good Italian food??  If you’re interested, go HERE!


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