A lady walking her pet fence & other fun pictures of mine!


If you ran into me at Target, I’d direct you to the nearest bench or shelving area that was clear from shoes, cereal, shampoo or whatnot, ask you to squat down and then I would show you the photo collection you are about to view.  If you acted a wee bit annoyed that I made you stop shopping, I would probably offer to buy you some popcorn or a very large, obnoxious pickle from the snack bar at the front or at least offer to get you a cooke sample from the bakery.  Once you stopped complaining about having to get to this or that place (like an important doctor’s appointment, airport, oxygen tank refill store when you are on your last tank, etc.), I would show you these pictures.  It would only take you about 4.75 hours to go through them, because I’d offer lots of wonderful stories about each nook and cranny of the photo.  Lucky for you, I decided to just put the pictures here on my blog (actually, UNLUCKY for you.  Those nook & crannies offer some interesting tidbits!) with only a short description.  I took every single one of the pictures, so please don’t ask me if Thomas Kincaide or some famous papparazzi guy was the photographer!  Soooo annoying!  It was me! 

Picture #1: I saw this lovely lady walking down our street with lattice work trailing behind her like a pet.  She wasn’t headingtoward a dumpster.  I just think the lattice work needed some exercise!
Picture #2: THE “Pop King”, of course, is Michael Jackson.  When I saw this sign on the side of the road, it made me smile!  I knew it couldn’t REALLY be the Pop King’s wedding because, hey, he didn’t seem to be the marrying type, “Pop” was spelled wrong and, also, he wasn’t alive anymore.  I need a moment, please.

Picture #3: I saw this at a dollar store and was immediately INCONVENIENCED!  The fact that restroom was quoted also made me break out into a nasty rash right in the middle of $1.00 Pert bottles & old Dial soap bars!  It was an awful and embarrassing experience all because of that sign!

Picture #4: I am obsessed with French braiding.  I don’t care if the last person on earth to have had her hair French braided was Laura Ingalls herself from Little House on the Prairie, I like French braiding!  If you have long, straight hair, you better watch out.  If you see me eyeing your long hair, I am trying to restrain myself from being totally socially inappropriate.  This picture is of my friend & former co-worker, M’Lee, while we were at work.  (I whipped that up in SECONDS, so not much time was wasted on the job, okay?)

Picture #5: This fun mother-and-daughter and team probably called each other earlier that morning and one of them said, “Are you going to wear your muu muu today? You know the navy one with the hot pink trim, not the white, yellow, pink, purple, or black ones. Yes, THAT ONE! Well, wear that one and we’ll go to McDonald’s in it together this afternoon. We’ll match! Maybe we can go get our pictures taken afterwards! I love you so much, Mama!!!” The other scenario is that they didn’t plan it all and had a good laugh when they saw they picked the same outfit for the day.

Can I get any of these framed for you???


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