Dr. Brown, Dr. Brown, What Do You See? (NOT by Eric Carle)


There is a huge scandal in Houston, my friends.  It has to do with a hand surgeon named Dr. Michael Brown and a recent allegation that he assaulted his FOURTH wife, Rachel Brown (who was previously accused of having an affair with ex-Astros player, Jeff Bagwell), in front of their kids.  Those same kids are featured in his most recent commercial for The Brown Hand Center.  After he says, “…and The Brown Hand Center will care for you just as I care for my own family”, the daughter on his lap says, “Daddy’s baby girl!”   Since Dr. Brown seems to love children so much, I didn’t think he would mind if I wrote a children’s book about his story as I understand it.  Hopefully, by the time this book reaches Barnes & Noble (let me dream!), he WILL be in jail!

Dr. Brown, Dr. Brown, What Do You see? 
not by Eric Carle
Dr. Brown, Dr. Brown, what do you see? 
I see a jail cell looking at me!
Jail cell, jail cell, what do you see?
I see domestic violence committed by a famous hand surgeon looking at me!
Domestic violence, domestic violence, what do you see?
I see the fourth wife accusing Dr. Brown of throwing a HUMANITARIAN AWARD at her and twisting her arm behind her back as if to break it while she screamed out in pain, all while in front of the children, looking at me!  *not the actual award* http://www.baseballreliquary.org/images/cobb.jpg
Fourth wife, fourth wife, what do you see?
I see Dr. Brown, who stopped practicing in 2006 because of a cocaine charge and also beat his pregnant 3rd wife with a bedpost in 2002, still in the jail cell looking at me! www.houston.culturemap.com
Dr. Brown, Dr. Brown, what do you see?
I see my 4th wife asking me for $100,000 a month to pay for various expenses, which may include paying the bodyguard, butler, three maids, two nannies, the gardener and $25,000 a month for spousal support looking at me!
Fourth wife, fourth wife, what do you see?
A man walking in front of me while I was in the courtroom who deserved to be punished, a humiliated family, unfortunate children that were thrust into the spotlight for the sake of his business, many hurting people and a sad situation looking at me! www.chron.com
Although there is an element of humor in this post, domestic violence is NOT funny.  This is a terrible and very sad situation.  For more information about domestic violence, I refer you to a fellow blogger’s site, My Inner Chick, who lost her very dear sister, Kay, to domestic violence last year.


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