Cooking Gone Wrong: Funny Stories From The Kitchen


Once a week, I feature a deal with the company Juice In The City, a daily deals site sourced by moms.  Today’s deal is a cooking class at Young Chefs Academy, but these particular classes are for adults.  There are three classes to choose from: Knife Skills on 9/12 from 6:30-8:30pm, Spices on 10/3 from 6:30-8:30pm, and Bake Sale Show Off on 11/7 from 6:30-8:30pm.  One class is typically $50 but, with this deal, it is $25.  Young Chefs Academy is located in Katy, Texas.  If you are interested in getting this deal, go HERE

Thinking about this fun deal got me thinking about cooking in general.  I really do like to cook and often make “real” food for my family, though some of my neighbors (Hi, Angie!) may think I just feed my kids Ramen noodles.  With the exception of recently mistaking salt being poured on the floor from an upside down salt shaker in my hand as sand, I haven’t had any RECENT kitchen craziness.  There have been plenty in my past, though!  I remember being 12ish and making pasta salad for my dad.  I accidentally put a tablespoon of salt in it instead of a teaspoon and my dad literally spit it out.  He made an awful face while he was doing it, too.  He actually recalled that incident immdediately when I told him about this post.

Knowing that I couldn’t be the ONLY person who has made some big mistakes in the kitchen and could use a cooking class like the one described above, I went to Facebook, both to my personal page and this blog’s Facebook page, and asked for others to share.  I have paraphrased some and changed them up a bit here and there, but I didn’t alter the content.  Why would I do that?  These are awesome!

PAULA made Rice Krispie Treats but forgot to butter her hands before she mixed them up (I didn’t know you were supposed to do that!).  She was so glad no one was home to watch her try to get all of that mess of her hands!

BRYAN made macaroni & cheese and accidentally grabbed buttermilk instead of real milk.  When his daughter tried to tell him it was nasty, he told her to eat it anyway.  She finally made him taste it and he nearly gagged!  Then?  They went to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal.  So funny!  I’m wondering how long she had to convince you to try it.  So glad you did

TANYA was making white rice, but used only ONE tablespoon of rice when she was supposed to use one teaspoon of salt!  I bet everyone was really hungry after that meal!  She said, “That’s why I do carryout/order in when it’s my turn to ‘cook’. I’m GREAT at a lot of things, unfortunately (for my husband) cooking is not one of them.” Tanya, I bet you are much better than you are letting on.  Come on!  You are, aren’t you?

ANN was making okra when she was about 12 years old.  Her mother was working the store and sent Ann to the house to wash the okra, cut it up, add cornmeal and then fry it.  In that order.  Ann cut it up and then washed it.  Ann asked, “Do you know what happens to okra after it is cup and then washed??”  She said it was not a pretty picture.  She tried to fix the problem by adding more cornmeal…and more cornmeal…and more cornmeal.  Apparently, Ann was trying to bread the okra in a tin tub suitable for bathing (a small child, I’m assuming?) when her mother came in, threw it out and Ann started over.  She said she learned her lesson, which probably means Ann can cook!

ALEX and his wife, Rachel, had some friends over to eat and then went to town to Fry Baby, where Twinkies, Snickers, Oreos and basically anything sweet that can be fried was fried.  The first batch, unfortunately, tasted like vomit!!  The people had forgotten to change the oil after they made buffalo wings!! EW! Really, Alex?  Like vomit?  Now I’m sick!

LAURA made cookies and, instead of flour, she used powdered sugar. The cookies were so sweet they went into the trash.  I’m impressed they still came out looking like a cookie!

REBECCA cooked pancakes once, set them on fire. Smoked up the entire house. It’s a two-story house. Then in college, I messed up Ramen. I cooked it too long and the water evaporated. Then there was the time with the slice and bake cookies… You sound like me!

TRACY said her “mother-in-law put together a family cookbook of her recipes. Unfortunately, there were some serious typos, and I was learning to cook with this book. So, I made a crab au gratin with 16 teaspoons of black pepper in stead of 1/6. I just thought it was supposed to be super spicy.” Hahahahahaha!!!  Oh, this one is awesome.

JULIE said “I’m always fussing at my husband for burning his yucky frozen pizzas in the oven. So one night I popped in a homemade pizza, got distracted by Twitter, and was jarred back to reality by the smoke alarm. Whoops.”  Twitter is distracting?  No way! 🙂

TERESA‘s friend, Holly, “was making her kids a special treat…homemade hot chocolate! When she called her kids in from playing outside on a chilly winter’s day, they sat down to their yummy treat…only to spit it out in disgust! Upon further review Holly realized she added cumin instead of cinnamon to her recipe! Yuck!” That is so funny!  It’s kind of like a chili/hot chocolate combo.

TRICIA was watching her husband cook one night.  He was “making a casserole (from a box) and after he put it in the oven, he started doing the dishes. Well, he couldn’t find the fork he’d used … until we were serving the casserole an hour later and found it in the bottom of the dish. Classic!” (Let’s hope he isn’t a surgeon!! Ha!)

JUNE says “there is apparently a huge difference between baking soda and baking powder. Learned the hard way.”  Tell us more!  Tell us more!

AMY used artichoke juice instead of cream of mushroom in a casserole when she first got married to her husband, Micah. The whole apartment stunk and the meal was gross!!! Micah didn’t even eat it to be nice!!!  (This is cracking me up!!!  I can SO see Micah not eating it and can imagine the face he was giving you.  It reminds me of someone else I know!)

JEN says she messes up every meal she makes. (I don’t believe it, Jen!)

KIMBERLY‘s ex-husband tried to make cookies once but mistook powdered sugar for flour (like Laura up there!!). There was a burned nasty mess in the oven. He kept adding MORE “flour” trying to fix it. Blech! (I hate oven messes!)

LG “mistakenly used gun powder instead of baking powder in a loaf of bread and it blew my aunt’s dentures into the next room. Not really, but I don’t cook and felt left out so I had to come up with something crazy to be part of the Breakroom crowd. I love the Breakroom!” This guy cracks me up DAILY! Ha!

PAM‘s son “burnt spaghetti this summer. It was brown. I told him it was yummy. Trying to encourage him to cook for himself in his first apartment.” (Awww!!  That was sweet of you!)

CHRISTINE didn’t even get to start on the actual meal because her kitchen experience went downhill while heating the oil in the pan.  Although she knew not to pour water into a heated pan with oil in it, she was distracted by a phone call, a man ringing the doorbell and her own thoughts (she was trying to think of an actor’s name who had starred in a film she watched the night before <—-sounds like me!).  Then, there was smoke!  She had forgotten to take the plastic dish out of the pan and it had shrunk to half it’s size.  “To up the ante, you guessed it right, I did pour some water in the pan.”  Ahhh!!!  (She said it hurt a little bit.)  I’m glad there was no awful fire!

APRIL was once a carhop at Sonic.  “I was working the late shift one night during my first week. Someone came in and ordered a banana split. I carefully assembled it, remembering all the different toppings, just like my supervisor had showed me earlier in the week. I even piled the whipped cream on extra high because I was so proud of myself for making this banana split all by myself. I delivered the order and returned back inside. Not a minute later, the guy buzzed in and asked, “Umm…aren’t banana splits supposed to have ice cream?” *facepalm*  Hahahaha!

Do you have a favorite story from this list or one of your own to share?


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