Old Textbooks Make Great Pillows!!



Remember those? 

All of us have had a textbook in our hands, with the exception of those of you who quit school around Kindergarten or the First Grade to try to make it on your own.  Nothing saddens me more than to see a whole bunch of 5-year-olds hitchhiking, standing outside the Unemployment Office, smoking like chimneys or driving crazy down the street with the music turned way up loud.  Maybe if they had just been exposed to textbooks

The piano played was exactly
like this except it was lime green.

Obviously, taxpayers dish out the cash for the textbooks we all use in the public school system.  Once college hits, BAM!!!  We have to start shelling it out.  During my first two years of college, I didn’t have to pay for textbooks because I had a dance scholarship at a small school.  Once I transferred to The University of Texas at Austin, and then to graduate school after that, I had to start robbing banks to make ends meet.  I also sang Billy Joel songs while playing a very, very, very, very, very, very small piano for tips on Austin street corners to pay for my textbook bills.  (I made $3.25 total.)

When Campus Book Rentals contacted me about showcasing their company here, I thought it was a great idea!  If I could have RENTED books, instead of buying all of them, I wouldn’t have tons of them in my house right now.  I kept many of my career-related books (speech-language pathologist), but hardly look at them ever.  Because I paid so much for them, I try to use them in my every day life now.  I don’t want to feel like I spent all of that money for NOTHING!

Instead of just stacking my old textbooks in the garage, I use them for…

Placemats!!  When my family spills anything on them, I just
wipe them off!  Also?  If there is a lull in a conversation, just flip open
a book and learn about the larynx or something.  Exciting stuff!

Pans for baking!  Don’t listen to people that say
paper will burn in fire.  There’s no fire here!  Just really, really
intense heat that will melt the paint off of the textbook cover.  Big deal!

 Pillows!  I haven’t bought a feather- or cotton-filled pillow
since I graduated in 1997.  THIS is luxury, people.  If you think
Princess Kate has a more comfortable pillow than we do, then you
are only fooling yourself.  Wake up!

 Stepstools!!  Those legs look like they belong to a 295 pound logger from the Northwest, but they actually belong to my 3-year-old boy.  When he
wants to reach anything, all he has to do is carry the 3-ton set of books
wherever he needs them.  How do you think he got those legs? 

(The towel says: “I didn’t realize when I said ‘I Do’, I’d do
everything!”  My mother-in-law bought it for me!)

Kindling!!   It’s just been too dang hot to light the fireplace lately,
but, when it’s time, our fire will be so awesome, hot and huge, the
firemen will come over and see what’s going on over here.  When they
see it’s just my fireplace, we’ll have a good laugh and I’ll offer them
a glass of milk or something.

 If these options for your leftover textbooks aren’t really your thing, and you’d rather just rent your textbooks, obviously Campus Book Rentals is the place for you!  In addition to THAT great idea, they also  are partnering with Operation Smile to help families with children born with a cleft palate and cannot afford the surgery to repair it.  As a speech pathologist, I have worked with many children with a cleft palate and know how important that surgery is to their well-being.  What a smart company- fighting expensive books and cleft palate surgery bills all at once!

**This was a sponsored post, but the opinions are all mine!**


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