7 Things my kids play with in public that drive me crazy


Thanks so much for agreeing to babysit my boys!  They are so excited to play with someone new.  It’s kind of strange that you haven’t shown up, as I thought you were going to be over yesterday.  I’m sure you have a good excuse.  Anyway, when you DO finally arrive and if you are looking for things to do with them, I’d recommend that you forget parks like this…
and toys like these…

I’m actually BEGGING you on this one.  Legos are not our friends.
The critical pieces run & hide.  Other pieces seek to inflict awful pain
on your barefeet.  There are also millions of them.  MILLIONS.

and possibly even this place…
Not that you were going to whisk them away to Florida…  Were you?!
and just give my sons access to any or all of these…

WHEEEEE!!!  Hey, let’s jam the door so that
no one can get in or out!  So awesome!!

(The sound of the it being opened & closed, of course.)

If they were in this store, their feet would either
be sticking right out in the open from inside the rack
 or they would try to be “camouflaging” themselves by standing
directly in front of the rack begging to be found.

The 6-year-old will try to salt each chip at a Mexican
restaurant. The 3-year-old will want to copy.  You will
want to throw both shakers into a nearby plant.  You
may also try to hide in the nearby plant.

The goal here is to either knock one of the stands down.
In another type of barricade, the goal would be to snap the belt
back into the pedestal/stand thingy.  The overall goal is to
make you pull all of your hair out.
This is an especially popular attraction in
public restrooms where strangers are present.

The boys want to do their own waving.  They would like
to be solely responsible for beckoning the paper towel
from the dispenser. Paper towels given to them might
as well be covered in koala poo.

They will be entertained for hours!


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