I have been a loser my whole life………..of things


What do I have to do with lost
things? This lady is nuts!  Hey,
I’m only 4 1/2 inches!
If you found me closing my eyes as I walked around my kitchen at night as a child murmuring, “Please God, let me find it.  Please let me find it.  If I find it, I will be so good.  Please, God, just lead my hands to where it is”, you would just be witnessing a typical night in my young life.  After begging for a miracle, I would BOOM! open a cabinet or a drawer or something, anything, in hopes that the lost item would be found.   The night time covert search mission was because I didn’t want to reveal to my parents that I had lost anything yet.  I didn’t want to hear, “Kelley, why can’t you keep up with anything?!  Where did you see it last?  What were you doing when you last saw it?  Point me exactly to the place you last were when you had it.  Where is it?  What can we do to make you more responsible with your things?” and on and on.  My retainer.  Rings.  The million things I needed to remember for my drill team for Friday night football games (bobby pins, hat, lipstick, seat cushion, tights, boots, shoe polish…).  If I had known the answers to half of those questions, I doubt I would have been sneaking around the house in the middle of the night like this tiny nocturnal Phillipine Tarsier on the hunt for a late-night snack.  (Somebody tell him Taco Bell is open really late at night for the “Fourth Meal” so he’ll leave this blog!)

I really am notorious for losing things.  It’s a joke in my family.  Nothing has really changed since childhood.  About a week ago I lost my wedding ring.  I couldn’t find it for several days.  I didn’t tell my husband because I was praying I would find it before he realized it was missing.  I found it at the bottom of my clean clothes pile.  I had obviously put it in my pocket and then washed AND dried it.  I was SO EXCITED to find it, though!!  It was all nice and shiny, too!  Unfortunately, my 3-year-old son was beside me when I made the discovery, which coincided with my husband coming in the front door.  “Don’t tell Daddy I just found this ring!”, I whispered to him.  “DADDY!!!  MOMMY JUST FOUND HER RING!!” , he yelled, more out of excitement than betrayal (I have to tell myself).  This, of course, prompted lots of questions by the husband and ended with advice I didn’t want to hear. I already know everything, you know??

FoundIt mailed me the MacDaddy package (see below),which I am
already using on my keys & remote control (it’s always getting lost!).
So, when FoundIt contacted me about their product, it intrigued me.  I am a loser….of things.  I need help.  The whole point of FoundIt is to reconnect you with your lost things without you having to put your personal information (your name, address, phone number, cousins’ names, favorite movie, t-shirt size, etc.) on everything you own. The good person who finds your lost item will contact FoundIt about your lost item, give them the ID number on the tag, FoundIt texts/e-mails you and then you proceed to arrange for a way to get the item from the finder.  The only information the finder will have is what you choose to reveal.  The FoundIt website contains lots of tips about how to get your item in the safest way, such as having the finder just leave it with the barista at Starbucks or with a security guard at Target.

I guess the FoundIt stickers would fall off in the bath, huh?

According to FoundIt:
7,505 sets of keys were found by the London Transport last year
19,000 items are lost by New York subway riders each year
12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports each WEEK

-Disneyland collects 300 cell phones a week
56% of us will lose or misplace our phones once a month.

164,383 phones will be lost, stolen, or damaged TODAY in the U.S.
-70% of items turned into Lost & Found are NEVER claimed

If your possession crossed the path of a person who wanted to do the right thing (those exist!), the FoundIt tag would help you get your item back quickly.  These tags and stickers are also great for your kids’ stuff, like backpacks, scooters, skateboards, iPods, etc.  If you are interested in winning the MacDaddy Family Package, with 4 years access to the FoundIt Network, set of 62 stickers (they even have stickers for your sunglasses!), 2 key tags, 3 bag tags, 1 luggage tag/ID card and 2 round tags for pets (total package valued at $24.99), please leave a separate comment letting me know you:

-Liked the FoundIt Facebook page
-Followed FoundIt on Twitter;
-Followed (or follow) this silly blog via Google Friend Connect.

I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning, August 19th.

Whether you enter or not, I would love to hear your stories about losing things! 


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