Road Trips With Restrictions (a.k.a. No Buc-ee’s!)


Only Parent Chronicles
Kristin from Only Parent Chronicles is hosting a series about road trips and she asked me to chime in!  So, I am over there today talking about a very famous beaver in Texas who hopes to conquer all prime real estate for road trippers in the next few years.  He is well on his way, friends.  In that post, I talk about said beaver and how my family can’t partake of his loving as much as I would like…due to rules set forth by my husband *Deep, dramatic sigh*

While over at Kristin’s place, you will also want to read some of her story (found HERE).  She makes a distinction from being a “single parent” and an  “only parent”.  Once I started reading her story, I couldn’t stop.  It was heartbreaking.  Despite her journey, Kristin is a very positive, upbeat and fun person that I know you will be happy to “meet”, if you haven’t already.


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