Name That Job #3


Bobbie Barker here again with a third game of “Name That Job”!  We played the first time here and the second time here.  So glad that you all are back to guess what the person inside the TV did in his or her former and/or current life.  This is the one of the few times in life where you are expected to judge the person in front of you based on mostly looks alone.  WHAT does it look like that person did or does to bring in some dollahs?  The point of this game is to learn more about the bloggers/tweeters that we currently know and those that we may not.  It also gives me freedom to make up a bunch of lies.

**Click on the blog or Twitter name to connect with the awesome, fun people below**

#1: ALEXANDRA from Good Day, Regular People

A)  Sidewalk caricature artist

B) Pizza tosser/maker that people gathered to watch at a local Italian eatery

C) Body piercer (in her early 20’s)

D) Cocktail waitress at a “private members only by key to get in club”

#2: ABE (“CHEESEBOY”) from The Blog O’ Cheese

A) Puppet show guy at local library
B) First grade teacher

C) Breakdancer with a performing breakdancing group (friends from high school) known as “Can’t Touch This” that perform for birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc.

D) “Duck tours” boat driver/tour guide in Salt Lake City
#3: ANDY from Blythe Observations


A) Took orders at a Toy & Novelty Wholesale Company (that sold things like fake vomit & rubber chickens)
B) Moustache/beard trimming specialist at the neighborhood barber shop
C) Dry cleaner at his family’s dry cleaning business (really good at hemming suit pants also)
D) Balloon animal maker at his local zoo

#4: ALISON from Mama Wants This

A)Personal Trainer

B) Pole Dancing Instructor

C) Marketing manager for Nike

D) Restaurant manager for TGI Friday’s

#5: POPPY from Funny or Snot

A) Accordion player in a mariachi band

B) Worked at a travelling carnival

C) Shoe shiner at the airport

D) Hooters girl

A) Plastic sword & poncho-selling pirate outside of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney
B) Snow White character at Disney World (signed autographs all day!)
C) Bar tender at Downtown Disney
D) The neutering lady at her local animal shelter


A) Dairy Queen ice cream server

B) Gas station cashier

C) Pizza Hut waitress

D) All of the above

#8: KRISTINE from Wait In The Van

A) Cashier at The Farm & Family

B) Roller skating “referee” inside the rink (“NO SKATING BACKWARDS UNTIL THE NEXT SONG!”)

C) Contributor to Playboy Radio

D) Both A & C

#9: ERIN from I’m Gonna Kill Him

Which ONE is not true?
A) Car detailer

B) Ms. Hannigan in local community production of “Annie” for 3 straight summers

C) Lifeguard who had to push overweight people’s inner tubes down water slides when they got stuck

D) Nanny for a Fox anchor

How did you do??
ANSWER KEY: 1d, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5b, 6a, 7d, 8d, 9b
***If you think it would be fun to be featured in the next round of “Name That Job!”, please let me know in the comments below***


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